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I don't know how to put this briefly my 1st experience was when I received a small amount of money The 1st thing I want to do was go and get a new bed not a car not anything else only a bed I went to actually find sure without doing any research which I should have done 1st as a consumer but I haven't bought a bed and 20 years so I went in the store was so excited and I guess the vibes were exuding from me and a kid waited on me show me all the beds and sold me on the best and the most expensive bed there and the most expensive Movable base So I walk out the store very happy because I was confident that I was in the right direction however received the base it was a wrong one had rust on it the mattress Real thin it didn't seem like the right mattress so we go back to the storeAnd another woman waited on us because the kid had quit after being their only a weekAnyway after her talking us into the temperpedic adapt saying or the best, I So one to believe her because all I want to do was love my bed I wasn't trying to get over on anyone I put out $7500 paid in full so at the receiving the 2nd mattress which I call the hardest rock mattress and the base that sound like an air CraftCarrier I call them and they tell me I have to let a break and after several more days my husband and I were on the couch it was that heart we went to the store another store as soon as we walked any other store we got specs everything from a to Z not Ashley they didn't give us any information Anyway I tried to go to Ashley to get my money back and tell them that I was intrested in another bed at another store which I really wasn't at that time I was just want frustrated and want my money back the guy proceeds to tell me he doesn't carry that Brandt that kind but he does carry the brand so he sure that he can get me the one I wanted anything for them to keep the sale I told him I go to the other Ashley the had more of a selection why he assured me so again I agree I mean yes we did go to another store and tried out but it wasn't in the twin extra long he could have said to us listen this is what you want and this is what will happen blah blah blah but he didn't So the day I get my mattress an hour afterwards I call them I say listen this is not right there's a forage cap and in between the 2 mattresses what was happening was the Velcro was it holding it as you move the adjustable bed that sounds like an aircraft Carrier and I pulled them that to now when you push your 0 gravity it massages instead! There is so much more to the story I don't know how much you can listen to this is disgrace I will never see them at this amount of money again I asked to have a brat come to my house just to let me Know that I'm not Crazy!

So the So the rep comes and was supposed to let me know what half hour before time and this was weeks later cause I told them I was going to go on vacation and don't you know they called me during my vacation because nobody can get anything right Finally fast forward he comes 1st thing he says when he gets to in my bedroom while no wonder you have to twins and I said no I had to other one to didn't do this I wouldn't be having you here if I thought that this was reason why. So he goes around the beds and proceeds to point out things to autumn even think about here's the aircraft Carrier and says now that's not normal either And just when I think hes on the same page as me because as he walked out the door he says so what he What do you plan on doing on just take taken whole thing Back and I said I don't know I just wanna love my bed for this amount of money that's all I'm not trying to get that something for nothing I just want what I paid for and I didn't tell you the main reason why I called I went to go roll over toward my husband and fell in *** which I had to go out and spend another $120 for a 3" topper so I wouldn't do that till they decide to have someone come out now I am livid because I've called their store after the sale the Rap game And this lady whom I never spoke to says she's a manager and it's hard decision that they're not replacing it I told her what the Rep said my brother-in-law was in the next Room he herd the whole conversation, she goes on saying his report says otherwise! I ask y would he lie to my face he should be fired!!! And she says as far as the base call the manufacture!!!!

I was completely in shock and never so insulted!!! I called th manufacturer of the basr they had a repair man call me who said he had to wait on prts on a base he didnt even c!!!

He also said he wouldnt esp if it was new!!!! Please tell me, im a senior and am disabled feel like ive been taken advantage of can u help me!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Bed.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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