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This company was one let down after the next. They are very excited to sell, but once the sale is made you become an automated message.

I received no follow up after my promised delivery date was moved out a month. I believe they knew this would happen, but decided not to tell be because they know I would not have made the purchase. When I called to follow up, the service was poor and unprofessional. I was never contacted by the sales person.

When they are ready to deliver you have to schedule through an automated system. They want you to pick a day first and then a day or two later they send you the time. I am not sure about others but for me this is stupid. I have a life, I can't continue to go through the reject day and time process over and over waiting to find a time that works.

Again no personal contact, why do they do this, no personal contact after the sale, is it that it is value considered lost as the sale has been made, are they that money hungry? After the furniture was delivered they left their trash and boxes behind for me to dispose.

I do not like the way this company works, I will never buy from them and if you are the type of person that prefers the personal touch and sale approach I suggest you stay away as well. The furniture provided is no different than other places so if you remove that from the formula all you have is a company that doesn't care about their customers, just the all mighty sale!

User's recommendation: Stay away - There are plenty of good furniture stores in the area that supports a great customer experience over the entire process. Ashley is not one of them. Their delivery schedule Sucks!! I would use other words, but I am positive they would get removed. They follow an automated text message, you pick "A" day and then later you get a time. If you do not like it you have to wait until you get another text notification and then rinse and repeat as often as necessary.

Ashley Furniture Pros: Sales staff is glad to make a sale.

Ashley Furniture Cons: Customer service, Scheduling, Delivery.

Location: 14810 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77090

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