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Please read over the terms and conditions when you before buying platinum warranty. If you purchase the warranty it does not cover many defects like broken wood frames of couches and I can’t say this enough Make your claim within 30 days!!!!

Or else they will say it’s accumulative damage and will say that you need to get piece up to manufacture’s standards before they do any repairs again!!!! That means you getting a professional to come out and repair the “accumulative damage” which is scratches and knicks. Lol they will ask you to send in a picture of the damage and if you have more then one tiny scratch they will say it’s over time. I asked them if they can then fix only one scratch and they said not until the end tables and coffee table is up to standard.

Come on who doesn’t get scratches on their tables and if they do are you going to have someone come out to your house every time. It shouldn’t be 30 days for scratches that’s ridiculous! And not one sales associate even told me to make a claim within 30 days, and received no booklet on terms and conditions! And when they replace a whole piece of furniture the news piece is no longer warrantied.

You have to buy a new warranty for the furniture that was replace! Even though it’s the same exact piece! I called Ashley’s customer service and strongly suggested that they give you all terms and conditions booklet when you purchase the furniture so you can read over it and let the customer know that they need to make claims within 30 days of the incident happening or the warranty company will not be responsible for it. Misleading customers into buying a “Platinum Warranty” more like a silver warranty that should be 30 dollars!

I paid 599 for my warranty and most of my items will not be fixed! By the way have had the furniture only 3 years and have the 5year warranty

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Furniture Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I’m having the same problem here as everyone else. All platinum warranty has done to date for me was clean a few juice stains on the couch from my kids.

I asked them to come back a year later for the same thing and they said I must get the furniture professionally cleaned. This is not what the salesman told me! Also, I have a broken drawer to the storage bed and peeling of my dining room table.

Nothing is covered apparently, even though the salesman said we were fully covered. How are they continuing to get away with this?


I am having the same issue. Bought their best living room set , bedroom set.

Chaisecloundcand a buffet..salesman told us platinum warranty covered everything soup to nuts and woukd actually replace the piece of furniture. Same thing with sending multiple pictures to prove ti them broken furniture and still give a hard time about replacing or fixing. I want mine replaced.

If I di not get satisfaction from the store mgr whom I am waiting to call me back today. I am them filing a complaint with BBB and consumer fraud nj...liars all fraud to sell their *** furniture...


Not worthy the price you pay for Platinum warranty. They don't cover any stains and mention it is accumulated daily use. Complete ripe of money.


@ ResoluteBongo Negative they promised to send me the brochure which I never received it open up a case with BBB waiting for them to get back to me concerning this matter. I hate scammer.


Did they make this right? Also were you able to get the warranty in writing?


The platinum warranty from Ashley is a scam please be advised, I spend 15k for bed and couches each time you call for a tear they say it not cover nothing is cover, they lied and mislead you to buy their products. Just another way of scaling poor people. Please contact the BBC and filed a complaint to stop there scammer from scaling poor people.


I basically got scammed nothing is covered when i called. I had my furniture less than3 yrs. I will never ever step foot in Ashley furniture ever again


OMG the same exact thing happened to me. I ask for a refund on the protection plan I bought, which cost approximately $600, I was told that it would be a partial refund.

Since I've had my furniture for 3 yrs I would only be refunded for the remaining 2 year. Such a rip off!


This is a scam. They don’t cover anything, and don’t even send you the brochure with the terms and conditions.

It is all designed to make you forget about it so they can make off with your money.

Yasmin (badge 7021) was extremely unhelpful and condescending. I will never purchase another piece of furniture from Ashley.


Same Issue That I Have With The Protection Plan. Only Had The Furniture Three Years And Basically Nothing Is Covered If You Do Not Report It Within 30 Days.

Its Really Not Worth Purchasing The Protection Plan If Nothing Is Covered.

Especially How They Explained It To You In The Store Using A Demonstration On What The Plan Covers. It Is Definitely A WASTE Of $599.00 In My Opinion.

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