My name is Ed Miller. Address is 724 Pioche St., Carson City, Nv.

Phone # 775-230-****.My complaint is this: August 29, 2020 my wife and I purchased a couch & matching loveseat from the Reno Ashley furniture store. This was not delivered until Oct 2020. Just the couch only, The loveseat was delivered approx. 2 weeks later.

We immediately noticed the arms on the loveseat were poorly constructed. No padding and easily indented. We tried contacting the Reno store by telephone. We couldn't speak to a real person, just a recording.

Left messages and never a reply. I drove into Reno from Carson City and made contact with Mr. Eric Niederberger, Store manager. He gave me his cell # and from there I was able to send him a video of the loveseat demonstrating the problem with the arms.

He agreed and ordered a second loveseat. It did not arrive until late November or early December 2020. Same exact problem as the first loveseat. Poorly constructed.

I returned to the Reno store and spoke to Mr Niederberger again. It was decided at the time that we didn't want a 3rd loveseat due to the current problems. I asked instead if the loveseat could be replaced with 2 individual recliners. He agreed and ordered the recliners.

Delivery was to take place in January 2021.

Never happen. Mr Neiderberger said it would now be February. Again it didn't happen. I called Mr Neiderberger and spoke to him only to find out he was transferred to a California store.

He said a lady by the name of Michell in the Reno store would take care of us. My wife was able to speak to her and we were assured the recliners would be delivered by March 20th. Again, never happen. Tried contacting Michell and got a recording that our recliners would be delivered on April 22, 2021.

On Friday, April 16, the Colton Ashley warehouse called and said delivery was changed to April 24, 2021. Delivery never happen. I called and got a recording that now says delivery will be May 29, 2021.

All of the above is totally unacceptable. It's been over 8 months since the original purchase.

We have purchased furniture from Ashley in years past and never had a problem. Covid was being blame in the beginning for delays, but now that is a poor excuse. I have since read numerous negative reviews from other customers with the same problem. We like our couch and believe the recliners to be an improvement over the loveseats.

However, if we don't get the proper assistance, we will never buy from Ashley again, or recommend Ashley to anyone. If we can't get recliners before May 29th, it will be 9 months at that time. Frankly I am not holding my breathe and if we don't receive the recliners we will be asking for a refund.

I do hope this finds the right person in your organization to handle our matter appropriately and expeditiously. Your consideration in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Ed & Hollie Miller

User's recommendation: Don’t buy from Ashley furniture.

Location: Carson City, Nevada

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