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Purchased a couch set - surface of the sofa upholstery wearing off.

I purchased warranty - they say won't cover.

Customer service kicked me out.

Wasted 270 Dollars on warranty.

Bargain best price don't pay a penny for warranty !!!

You get nothing in service after your purchase !!.

When I called customer service they said this type of problem is not covered under warranty. If the material won't even last for an year why is that ASHLEY collecting warranties for 3 + years from customers. They very well know the product they are selling and it is pure cheating selling warranties which they don't honor.

BEWARE of these fake promises and warranties !!

Save your hard hard earned money.

I was fooled by making me purchase PREMIER WARRANTY !!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss warranty issue of ashley furniture furniture set and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1000. Ashley Furniture needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Same thing happened to me. I finally kept on calling, tweeting, took to social media to get someone to hear me.

When I tried handling the situation by phone these managers kept telling me "They won't do anything" I wrote the BBB, went to consumer sites, wrote the Attorney General, talked to an attorney and it was Twitter that truly helped me. I didn' t want to cause a stink. I wanted to be heard but no one would listen! I too had a warranty.

I was basically told to put finger nail polish in it or pole a hole. I feel like that was committing insurance fraud and then they would really pinpoint it on me. I wasn't doing tht. The couch and loveseat were ripping in the exact same reclining locations as well as ripping at the seat.

There are 2 people in my household. My husband and I. No kids, no grandchildren, that's it. I was determined they would hear me and I would prove this quality was bad.

I took photos. Called again. Twittered every day! Finally, they said fine we will repair it.

Well, then they sent like 5 pieces of leather to my home in a Jcpenny type

bag. No box. The bags had this so called real leather in it and a big hole in a couple of the bags. I took one of the pieces out and aligned it w the couch.

Boom...there it was.. the defect in every piece they sent me. Like two hole punches that will continue ripping. I found it!

Took it to the attorney, then went into the store. Luckily , the vp was there and he did help us. Now, they weren't too crazy about my social media feed. However, when a company wont listen to these people, no one will help, sometimes you feel the need to turn up a little heat.

Long story short, after months of arguing, sending photos, I was able to prove their quality defective. I have had it w bad products. So they refunded it all! Paid off the bank (we still owed alot on it) and cut us a check for what we had paid on it.

I coulda lost what

we paid on it but I wasnt about to keep paying something tht was falling apart.

So the moral of the story is when you know as a consumer you are right....stand up! Be heard! Do it legal!

Ashleys butt is very well covered. This warranty thing they offer is a huge joke. (We were compensated back for that to) Glad we were able to move on.

I personally will never by an Ashley product. Ever!!!!!

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