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Within 2-3 years, the Couch started to fall apart and all 3 bed started making creaking noise. I had bought their purchase protection plan. So, called them up. The whole experience was horrible.

1. They would NOT call you back or respond to you on time. It took me two weeks just to talk to someone.

2. They would NOT send anyone to take a look at the issue.

3. I kept going in circles for almost about 3 months, trying to get the issue resolved over phone.

4. Finally, I went to the store and was told that they are sorry, they have been having issues with their protection warranty company. They have recently changed the company. So, it will be better. The store staff promised that they will get back and take care of the issue.

5. Then nobody called up for 2 months. I kept following up but would NOT get a response.

6. After lot of efforts, I again managed to talk to someone only to be rudely told that we don't cover these issues and they are your responsibility.

I want buyers to be aware of 2 issues

A) Poor quality for their leather couches and bed make noises within 2-3 years

B) Their protection plan does NOT cover anything and do NOT buy it

C) Their staff is very rude.

Never ever going back to Ashley furniture.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Bed.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Mine too


I agree 1000000%. I purchased an entire living room set from them, and then I paid the extra money for the extended coverage.

The salesman told me the extra coverage covered everything from spills to pet damage. In his words I had to essentially set it on fire for it not be covered. Well, that was a load of BS. About 8 months after buying it we ran into some problems with the cushions.

Ashley put us in contact with the warranty company. The company told us that our issues were manufacturer defect and wasn't covered by them. I then go back to Ashley and tell them that. They explained that they could fix it since it was in my first year.

I told them that I was still furious that I paid for extra coverage and something simple that wasn't my fault wasn't covered, but if I decided to pour paint all over my cushions it was. WHAT THE HECK!?!?! I would NEVER pay for the extra coverage again. Especially since we take great care of our furniture, we would only need the coverage for structural or defect problems.

I will NEVER buy from them again. There salesman was VERY misleading.

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