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Why do you spend money on a product and or service? To receive a service/product!!!!!

Please tell me why we spent hours purchasing a brand new sofa from Ashley and adding the furniture protection plan when they will not even honor it. We purchased a khaki light tan colored sofa and decided to insure it ( Ashley highly recommended it). We were told that our sofa would be taken care of. I can tell you I was not going to purchase that color without a protection plan!

In my house our rule is no food and no shoes in living area. We had a friend over and their child spilt something on our couch. I tried to clean it myself but it left a water mark spot on both areas of the cushion. They arent even horrible or even that dark but I see them and yes we paid in advance to get this issue cleaned , right?

Ashley says because there are more than 1 spot that it is considered misuse and they will not clean the spots. How do you predict what type of spot or stain will end up on your couch and whether it will be 1 or several spots? Most stains happen when an adult turns their head! Thats why theres a stain and a protection plan you think you invested in!

My husband is extremely nice, way too nice, and asked if they would clean 1 spot then. Ashley refuses! This is stealing from customers. Stealing from people.

Stealing from good honest hard-working people. If you pay for a service you should receive a service. We have never called them before to do anything for us and looks like they do not care about the customer anyway. I will never purchase from Ashley again and will spread the word.

"Theres an old saying, Do To Others As You Would Have Them Do To You-" Luke 6:31. Look it up!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I too have the extended warrant. I invested in a leather couch that we had top wait 6 months to be built.

The leather seams at the seats are cracking.The extended warranty only covers accidents.So I would have top take a knife and cut it myself at the seams for it too be honored and say a child and pencil caused it. What? I will not lower myself to Ashley's regrettable ethics.

Read the contract before you buy.But please do Not waste your time or money A sham. Stay away


Their premier protection plan is a scam they don't honor it at all.


So-called extended warranties and protection plans are not worth the paper they are printed upon. They will not cover owner inflicted damage (and that's what they'll call just about any claim you happen to make).

Never confuse these contracts with actual factory or manufacturer warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. This applies as well to "home warranties" (their favorite phrase is "pre-existing condition").

They're more like insurance companies with their twin departments of Delay and Deny. Stop wasting your money on these things.

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