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I went to Ashley for a new mattress, and asked to see the memory foam mattresses. I was only shown one brand and the sales clerk told me all the others in the store contained latex(which I am allergic too) so there was just the one brand. This was of course a lie she was trying to sell me the most expensive brand.

I did end up buying one and was informed that I had 30 days to exchange or return. When I receive my mattress it is not the one I ordered and it is hard as a rock when I ordered a plush. I called to inform them of the mistake and was told that since it was at my house it was my problem. There is a no return policy and if they make the mistake you still can't get the product you ordered, you are stuck paying for something you didn't want.

The district manager told my husband that I was crazy and there was nothing he was going to do since it has been in my house for all of 24 hours and we took the bag off, when it was the delivery men who did this.

I will NEVER go to this store again and be LIED to when I spent over 2500.00 on *** that I literally had to give away just to get it out of my house.

BOYCOTT Ashley Furniture!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I have never seen a company run like this. There is no trial period to try out a bed.

.None.. once you order if you change mind to cancel before item arrives you get nailed for restocking fee. Once your bed comes into your house. You have to keep it unless a defect.

Proving it will he hard . Cheap car salesman run from that store


lawsuit coming they cant due thismy item 11 month old


To "Ashley Not Your Problem" memory foam is not all plush. You can get firm or plush and I had ordered the plush.

To "Your facts are ***" not all Ashley Furniture's are the same because they are privately owned.

I didn't order latex because if you read my comment I am ALLERGIC which means I can't be around it.

The point was they didn't back what they had promised and there was no way of knowing because it was not written that there was a no-return policy. I am glad your store was a good experience but the company in my mind is *** and should stick to there word and try to make the customer happy.


About above comment... Memory foam is all Plush, hence the term sleeping "IN YOUR BED"...


Latex is by far "plush". You sleep on the bed which is in fact Firm.

Any variety of latex will be firm, even if you add more foam (higher price).

As far as getting your $ back there had to have been more of a reason than them just saying No. I have dealt with Ashley Furniture on a number of occasions and had absolutely NO PROBLEMS with them or delivery.

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