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Like many of you we too purchased furniture from ashley at our local store in Kansas. What *** they delivered to us was horrible.

Both our club chairs were defective. One had an obvious busted zipper. We called the store and spoke with the manager. She informed us of the restock fee to return merchandise.

I informed her she wasn't legally allowed to charge me a restock fee for merchandise that was defective. I could see paying a fee if I got the furniture and didn't like it or it didn't fit or I changed my mind, but to pay a restock fee because the furniture was defective was illegal. She still insisted we pay the restock fee. We loaded the chairs in our van and drove them up to the store ourselves.

Dropped them off and told them we wanted a full refund and if they tried to charge a restock fee we would call our credit card company while standing in their store and dispute the charges. Luckily the manager gave us a full refund. My advice is pay with a credit card at any furniture store, you are protected that way but your credit card. One call and you can dispute the charges....the credit card company will fight with the store and issue a refund immediately.

So protect yourself. As ashley sells cheap defective furniture I have seen some worse furniture in other stores for twice as much.

So again anytime I buy new furniture I use a credit card and protect myself. Good luck to all on your problems with ashley.


Manhattan, Kansas

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Chair.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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buy american? i work around the people, (americans like me) 3/4 of them dont give a *** about the quality of there work.

ive been in the union with the lazy as*es. they want to get paid for doing nothing. and you wonder why the jap cars go 400,000 miles and ours go 200,000 miles. why we get that *** from over seas?

because it costs to much for the lazy people here to get up and do some work. im not saying everyone is that way..


You get what you pay for! Don't buy cheap.


opps not sure how that happened but the above comment titled "written by stop your crying???" is actually written by me in regards to the comment made by "stop your cryin!" anyway guess that is just a mishap.


I am not crying about anything I got from ashley furniture, I am stating a fact about something that happened to me. I pride myself in buying american and although that isn't always easy to do, as even in those stores that claim to sell all american made products you will find things that aren't really american made.

I am a proud american and as my husband fights for this country and leaves his family to do so, I will continue to buy american made things. However as an american I also have the right to buy what I want when I want from where I want. That is the great thing about america. And the greatest is being able to say what I want when I want, just as you felt you had the right to post your comments.

Rather you are an american, or not you still have the right to buy things in this world and get what your paying for.

No matter what your buying furniture, cars, houses, there should be some protection against things that fall apart in a year or things that are delivered broken.If you bought your house and on the day of closing it fell to the ground you'd be the first to complain right? Well that's enough about my freedom to buy what I want and to say what I want in this country my husband puts on a uniform everyday to defend.


About 20 years ago, it used to be something you were proud of if your furniture was imported. Today, the general public is to cheap to buy real furniture, so they shop stores like Ikea, Ashley, Walmart and Bob;s discount furniture.

Not only does the money go directly into the Chinese economy, (do I have to remind you that China is a Communist country?) but you whine when the furniture falls apart. Do you know how many honest hard working American companies have gone out of business in the last decade because they cannot compete against the chinese labor wages? The chinese worker makes much less than our minimum wage. Eventually, however as the standard of living starts going up in China, the cost of goods will also increase.

But then, because all the American furniture companies have gone out of business, there will be no more options for furniture buying.

Wake up America, stop being so cheap, start buying American!

Then you won't have the issues that you are having. And if you are so cheap that you don't care about quality, don't complain about the furniture you are buying!!

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