We purchased a DuraBlend Loveseat from a local furniture store. This was a major purchase for us at $655. At the 2 year mark it is cracking and peeling off in chunks. I took pictures and returned to the store where I purchased the love seat and spoke with the owner. He told me I should of purchased an extended warranty. That was it, no other response or offers of help.

The entire seating area is cracked and getting worse daily. The head rest area was the first to crack and begin peeling. Any area that a human body touches has begun to crack.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Loveseat.

Monetary Loss: $655.

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  • Ashley Furniture DuraBlend
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For the thousands of people that continue to patronize big box furniture stores because of the 'value'. Stop the madness.

Nothing sold by chains such as Ashley, Rooms2Go, or Furniture Row are worth anything more than a piece of trash set that will last no more than a few years. If leather is what you want. Wait, save and buy a real top grain leather set. Even leather match is ok.

Anything DURABLEND, or bonded, bi-cast, blended, vinyl is all the same thing. It's made of the reject pieces of leather that are not fit to go into a quality piece and then its grinded up and combined with a polyurethane. Most 'Durablend' or any form of this garbage might have 15% leather and the rest if synthetic junk that has been painted or pigmented to 'resemble' leather. It doesn't breathe, it peels, it feels like plastic and any retailer who sells it as anything more than a starter piece for a young person that has just left home to be on their own, are crooks and don't deserve to be in the industry.

It also punctures super easy.

Real leather actually gets better over time and becomes softer and more supple. The choice is yours but any retailer that lies to the consumer about what they are selling and then double whammy's the situation by telling you to go up a creek doesn't deserve your hard earned or even to be in business.


thank you all for your comments! I too am having the same issues.

I totally fell in love with my BLACK leather look sofa set ! AND I DONT EVEN SIT ON IT ! but the head rest is starting to wrinkle.



Purchased a sofa and loveseat along with the protection plan. Same issue with cracking and the plan does not cover repair.

Called the store for assistance or advice on how to repair and they were not helpful. What a rip off and waste of money.


We purchased a Durablend Recliner at Garnder White with the extended warranty. Only to find out a same problem is not covered under the extended warranty.

It is shedding like a snake skin.


We also purchased a durablend sofa but we spent over 1 thousand dollars for it. We purchased the extended warranty called them because ours started peeling before year.

Was told extended warranty only covers damage not material defects. So extended warranty don't mean a thing either.

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