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I bought full-home furniture for ~ $8,000 and they gave me a "deal" which they made it sound like a big deal, but I went with it because my wife and I have been looking around that day and we were just DONE with furniture shopping. Anyways...

I was guaranteed that my furniture will be shipped on 05/27/2014 (ten days after ordering) which is fine. I was told by the manager that if any changes happen in delivery it's usually to deliver earlier but NEVER later. So I thought he knew what he is doing/talking about and I sold my current furniture because I wanted to make room for new one and planned a house warming party on the 31st (because furniture was supposed to be delivered on the 27th). I got a call today telling me that I won't receive my furniture until 6/3/2014 ( A WEEK LATER!!!).

So I have no furniture now and I got a party next week!!! I called customer service and all they did is telling me that I have the option to stop by the store and "re-select" other stuff with earlier shipping date! If I wanted something else I would have SELECTED it in the first place (keeping in mind we spent 4.5 - 5 hrs at the store when we first ordered the furniture). They didn't offer any discounts, coupons, store credits, inconvenience gift or anything at all to show that they are genuinely sorry like any other respectable company or store would do!

NEVER AGAIN Ashley Furniture and I will make sure no one around me does! Thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Delivery Service.

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um i call partial *** on this. you first say you were "guarenteed" it would be shipped on 5/27.

did you get it in writing of some type? i mean you're spending that much $$$ on furniture why wouldn't you?

then later on you say it was supposed to be delivered on the 27th? which is it?

did they guarentee a delivery or shipping on the 27th? if it was delivery and they fell behind many can't make it many places will do what they can to accomodate you.

you then again proceed to contradict yourself you say you got a call stating your furniture would arrive 6/3 which yes is a week after the first claim of a "shipping" date of 5/27 but that you had a party on the 31st?

ya know what there's so many holes in this story i'm done responding

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