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I purchased a couch and love seat from Ashley's on the west end of Edmonton. The sales experience was great. I was advised that upon delivery to report any issues within 2 days.

I called customer service to report a large tear in the dust cover under the couch along with the fabric bunching on the front of 1 arm on both the love seat and sofa. I scheduled an appointment to have a tech come out and complete the repairs. I left work early to meet the tech. When the tech arrived, he was very abrupt and rude. He asked what needed to be fixed. I pointed out the issues and he started replacing the dust cover. When he was finishing up, I asked if he would be fixing the arms and I was told "that's a lot of work, I just did you a favour". He then proceeded to tell me that the issue with the arms was that the fabric was not pulled tight during manufacturing and fixed the love seat. When he was about to leave I asked if he would be doing the couch and was told "I don't have time for that".

I contacted customer service and scheduled another appointment for what I was told was to complete the repair that wasn't done the first appointment. That day, I left work early again to meet the repair tech. He then proceeded to take pictures and say he was only there to inspect. I immediately called customer service to ask why I was told the appointment was to complete a repair but sent someone to inspect. They then proceeded to tell me that the issue was within manufacturers specs and would not be fixed. After trying to explain what I was previously told and being interrupted numerous times, I asked to speak to the manager who said he would look into it and get back to me.

Today, I got a voicemail from the manager and he requested I call him back. I call back and ask to speak to him and was refused saying that everything is within manufacturers specs and the issue is closed. I asked numerous times to speak with a supervisor and was consistently refused and treated beyond rudely by the CSR. Absolutely deplorable. When asking to speak to the manager, I was asked "why" and I said to talk to them about my experience with their service and my response over and over was "the case is resolved, we won't be doing anything else, there's no reason to speak to someone because the issue is closed".

Long story short, great service in store but you better pray you don't run into a SINGLE issue. The way their customer service speaks and treats customers is disgusting. My staff members would be fired on the spot for treating customers that way. I will be furnishing my new house through someone else. Spend your money elsewhere with a company that actually hires people with good CSR skills and actually honors what their employees tell their customers. To be told something is wrong by someone, have them fix 1/2 the issue and to be told the next appointment is to FINISH the repair, then instead send someone to INSPECT then be told they aren't going to do anything is unacceptable. They don't give *** about their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Sofa.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Yes I totally agree with you. Customer service is very rude.

Is there is an issue with ur product, they are not willing to help. They will tell you that's how it's suppose to be.

I'm dealing with a mattress who is way smaller for my bed. I bought both from Ashley furniture.

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