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I have to start by saying that I absolutely love Ashley Homestore's furniture designs and selections. This is the reason why I decided to go with this company initially and open up a line of credit here.

I wanted to establish a loyalty and longevity with this company but boy, do you make it difficult for someone to be a repeat consumer. My first experience in 2019 was so horrific that it led to a BBB/ConsumerAffairs compliant (see review from May 31, 2019 below). Fast forward to 2021, here I am again.

As stated, I love the selections Ashley's offers so I had decided to give this company another chance. I had purchased a new sectional totaled $2,572.93 on 6/13/2021 at the South Blvd location in Charlotte, NC.

The manager/seller "Mo" did give me advanced notice that the delivery will take 8-12 weeks due to COVID-19's impacts to the supply chain. While I was not thrilled, I understood and decided to wait patiently for the sectional is fell in love with. 11 weeks later, I get two calls from Ashley's; One from a dispatcher alerting of my delivery date of 8/17 and the other from the manager/seller "Mo" (who I made the June purchase from) stating my delivery date was 8/22. This may have been a warning sign for what to expect.

I decided to contact the dispatcher who confirmed 8/17 as the date in which I needed to reschedule for 8/18.

Today's (8/18) delivery was scheduled between 11a-2pm. About 20 minutes after the window, I received a phone call from a dispatcher who stated the driver is running behind and the appointment window is moved from 2:30p-5:30pm. There was NO explanation as to why nor any sort of remorse or apology due to the delay. As I continue to wait, I would refresh the "Track My Delivery" app every 15 minutes to get a status.

The ETA changed during each refresh... 2p-2:30p, 2:30p-3, 2:45p-3:15p, 3-3:30p all the way to 6:35p-7:05pm. Shortly after the last refresh (approx. 5:45pm), I receive a call from the same dispatcher from earlier advising that the driver will not be arriving today due to "exceeding max hours on the road" and to call Ashley Furniture to reschedule.

Once again, no remorse, no apology, nor empathy. As if it's simply okay for someone to take a day off work and wait at home for a delivery that just decides not to come FOUR hours AFTER the initial window. The dispatcher refused to provide me with her contact information, contractor company name, nor her name. She just said called Ashley's Customer Service and hung up.

Talk about great customer services. Fortunately, the original confirmation email contained the details (Driving Company: EHK LLC; Dispatcher: Jalen Hudson).

I called into Ashley Homestore's Customer Service and immediately requested to speak to a Supervisor. I spoke to Joanna (or Joanne) who advised there is nothing that can be done today. The driving company has to return the merchandise to the warehouse, items restocked, then I can CALL BACK after 2PM tomorrow to reschedule for the NEXT AVAILABLE date.

It's unbelieve that this horrid customer services is being provided by a company whose vision statement states that they "believe that every customer is vitally important and deserves our passion, attention, and extensive knowledge." The subpar customer service, communication, and interpersonal skills that is provided is truly remarkable.

Joanna/e ultimately was useless. She was unable to provide me with a direct extension, email address, or reference number. When asked to speak to her manager, she advised that she is the highest level of management available. She offered to email someone to call me back tomorrow in which I asked to be copied on the email.

Once again, not an option. It was frustrating to continuously hear this company say "no", "can't", "nothing we can do" so many times today. Joanna/e ultimately hung up on me like the stellar professional that she is. I've worked in a call center environment for over 20 years.

NEVER would I allow such incompetence to interact with my consumers. Since nothing was resolved today and I have wasted an entire day at home, I've decided to escalate my concerns for resolution. Its like the saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you.

fool me twice, shame on me."

Expected results:A manager to contact me first thing tomorrow morning to communicate next stepsSwift rescheduled delivery date (would prefer tomorrow (Thursday), worst case Friday as first appointment)Substantial credit/reimbursement for the stress and frustration this has caused; and loss of time/effort/income for missing a day's work

I truly hope that I will be contacted soon and a resolution is provided right away. I'm truly making an effort to be a consumer of Ashley Homestore's; I need to see the effort reciprocated.

User's recommendation: Stay Away!

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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