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At approximately at 10:05am, I answered my front door and I greeted the delivery guy. I asked him through my screen door did he have his shoe booties because I requested for them to wear.

He hesitated a little and said they make the floor slippery. I said to him that as the customer, I request for them to wear because I don't wear shoes in my house.

I came out of my front door and asked to see the dresser. We walked to the street in front of my parking space where they were parked, so I could observe the furniture because the manager that placed the order told me to look over the dresser before receiving it. As they took the dresser out of the truck and placed it on a quilt on the ground, I noticed a few scratches on the side of the dresser, not that noticeable and the corners looked cracked.

As I was looking over the dresser and wiping it off to see if the scratches were dust; the delivery guy was by then very impatient and his demeanor was not good.

So he said to me, do you want it or not and I said I was told to look the furniture over, do you mine.

I decided to receive the dresser and would call the store about the scratches. He asked if he could see where the dresser was going. I took him up the 12 flights of stairs and showed him the room. He went back to the truck and got two quilts and came up to me at the door.

I asked him what was the quilts for; he attempted to explain. I said i didn't' want the quilts on my floors because they had been on the ground and the floor of the truck.

He pulled up a refusal document on his cell phone, thrust his phone in my face and said, I had to sign it if I didn't want him to us the blankets. I asked if he could call someone for me to talk with, he walked to the truck and said I will take it back, I told him I didn't refuse the delivery. I got my phone and started taking photos.

Then the dispatcher, Ms. Sabrina called me and I made her aware of our encounter.

I appreciate if someone from customer service would call me or email me back to address this issue.

User's recommendation: Stand your ground and respect the fact that COVID 19 is real!

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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