I purchased a dining room set on November 29th In-Store. I paid up front at the store.

They said I wouldn't be able to get the table delivered until December 28th. That was quite far out but I wanted the table. So we waited. Then I got a call one day before delivery telling me that you didn't have the table and delivery was delayed until January 22nd.

Another whole month is unacceptable. So I called on December 27th to find out why it will be another month and how can I trust that I will actually get the table on the next date, which was January 22nd on the message they left me. Shana expressed that this wasn't okay and she was going to see what she could do to speed up delivery and possibly some type of discount for our troubles. I was pleased with her response and waited to hear back.

No call back for 1 1/2 weeks, so I called again on 1/12/20 and asked to speak again to Shana. She apologized for forgetting to follow up and still didn't have any information. She told me the place she needed to call was closed since it was Sunday. She also mentioned the NEW delivery date was February 4th (ARE YOU KIDDING ME A THIRD DATE) She said she would call me back they next day after she talked to them.

No call all day so at about 7 I called to speak to Shana, she wasn't available so I spoke with Pricilla. Pricilla said she was very busy and would look into the matter and call me back in 30-40 minutes. After an hour and the store closing soon I called back and spoke with Pricillia, who put me on hold for 40 minutes to finally get on the phone just to tell me a "ticket" was submitted and that Shana would talk to me tomorrow. Well so far nobody has ever actually called me back.

So I will be going to the store directly tomorrow , and if I don't feel like I have been valued as a customer I will be canceling my order and going somewhere else.

Since I have ordered this table from here, I have ordered and had delivered a living room set and Mattress set from your competition. You have terrible customer service and won't be open long if you can't treat your customers better.

Location: Garden City, Michigan

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