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My name is Dr. Ilona Petrikovics



I want go report an unpleasant incident in The Conroe Store today.

After I chose the piece of furniture, the agent was pushing me to sign the financial contract with their company.

They did not show how much they are selling, I did not see clearly what I signed, and after the bank called me and mentioned an 11 thousand credit, I did not want to accept, since the furniture what I wanted cost only around $2100.

When I decided I rather pay by check, they were rude, they asked me to leave the store. I asked them to give me a copy of that paper what I signed. They refused to provide me a copy. I gave them my SS#; Driver's license #; Date of birth, ...everything.

I would have deserve a copy even if I changed my mind, I did not want to apply for finance from the store, since I can pay with check, or my own credit card.

I am a respected university professor; Nobody talked to me like they did it today.

The manager name is Tim Fisher. (I could hardly get this card from him).

They told me if I don't leave they call the police. But Why?

Because I preferred paying with check?

I am reporting this to prevent other people to have this situation.

And I am scared about all the information I gave them.


User's recommendation: Be careful what information you are giving them.

Preferred solution: I want to get a copy of the paper with my information what I signed under pressure. I also want to have the name of the furniture what I wanted to buy with check, in order to be able to buy it in another Ashley store..

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You're a doctor and not smart enough to say no and walk away?? WTF


This person can barely type in proper English. This whole review lacks proper punctuation. Trust me this is no doctor.

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