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Me and my wife went to Ashley furniture in Huntsville Al, we had been looking for a nice couch set. We were told the set was 100 percent leather with a full cedar frame.

We were told we would get such a good deal if we would make the purchase that day before closing so the salesman could meet his quota. We were told we could not purchase the set that was on the floor but the exact same set would be delivered in two weeks. Two weeks later the furniture showed up and was taken apart in the drive way in order to get it in the house. The wood portion of the furniture was press board or some type of plastic it was not leather but rather a cheap form of plastic and vinyl fabric similar to a plastic table cloth.

There were so many defects I will list a few; the couch was scratched over 25 to 30 percent and all cushions were stuffed differently. Some over stuffed and some under stuffed. When you set in the middle section of the sofa you can feel the particle board through the cushion. There were stains throughout both pieces.

You can feel nails puncturing the material around the cup holders in the love seat. Neither piece is square or has correct measurements in any way, etc. So we called the store and they sent a repair man to check the furniture. He told us they were "***".

His comparison was that they were assembled in the same manner a mobile home is manufactured and would not last a year. We then called 10 different times to the Ashley corporate office and were told there was nothing that could be done. We called again this afternoon and were told that we would have to pay a restocking fee and purchase a different set of furniture at a loss of one thousand dollars because the set we have is now on sale. Note: the 25 percent restocking fee will be calculated on the full purchase price not the current sale price.

Our salesmans name was James Rea out of the Huntsville Al office. We paid cash for the furniture from my deployment and every time we have called they always tell us they will be in contact with us the following day but have never done so. We have a Down syndrome child that could do a better job of building a set of furniture. They had no problem taking our money but now that the furniture is falling apart after only two months all they have offered is for us to spend another $2,000.00 for the purchase we made to begin with.

If anyone out there is looking for furniture I would go to the thrift store or attempt to build my own before I would consider Ashley. They are number one in the nation because of the way they screw people over and they know that probably 90 percent of the people that purchase their furniture can not afford to hire an attorney. It is bad when someone that calls himself a man can look at a Down syndrome child and lie to a veteran and his wife without any remorse knowing full well that Ashley furniture is not worth even setting on. I wouldn't give this furniture to a homeless shelter for fear of getting sued.

We work for everything we get and we don't take advantage of people just to make a few dollars. If you are considering a purchase from Ashely don't fall victim to their lies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Table.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Contact the BBB & lodge a complaint first; Ashley's website says they're listed with the BBB, so the more complaints there, the better; the BBB may eventually report they're not reliable or trustworthy, if that statement is not already there. Then go online & search for the kind of lawyer service that charges a small monthly fee (sometimes $10-25); you'll only want to use it for a month (hopefully this won't drag on).

The law service can write a letter for you to the store you bought it from & to the corporate office as well.

If you already have a lawyer for other family matter, perhaps he/she can write the letter for you for a small fee. Also, write to the Attorney General's office & let them know, too.

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