I bought a 3 piece bedroom set back in October. I was really excited to buy a bedroom set, since it was my first "grown up" purchase.

We spoke to a really nice salesman who answered all our questions and he seemed to be the type who would not screw someone over...we were wrong. We spent almost 3 grand on everything, because we also got a new mattress. Anyhoo- I got the bed and within the first 48 hours of it being in my house, it broke! The place where the railings and the headboard meets completely split, which made it nearly impossible to sleep on.

So, I called customer service and they told me that I had to wait until a tech could come and take pictures. I waited about 3 weeks for that to happen. In the mean time I was hardly sleeping because the bed was lop sided and made loud noises whenever I would move. The tech finally came and said they had to re order new railings....another freaking month.

So, the new railings finally came and a month later the bed broke in the EXACT same place.

I called Ashley again, and they gave me the same story and said they needed to have a tech come out to take pictures. It took about a month and still no tech, no phone call, no email. So, I went down to the store, and they said that I should talk to the manager. The manager gave me some story about how the particular bed I got had a defect and they corrected the problem, and he assured me that it would not break again.

He said that if it did, he would let me pick out a new bed set. I, stupidly, believed him. BIG MISTAKE. The bed broke for the THIRD time, in the SAME spot.

I immediately called Ashley, and they said they needed to investigate in further and then hung up on me. I called the store everyday for a week and each time they would hang up on me or put me on hold. I finally went down to the store, and the manager who told me I would get a new bed set was there, but said he was just about to leave and that he would call me back later that week. That did not happen.

I waited another week. Still, no phone calls no phone calls returned. So, I went back down there. The secretary got the VP on the phone and he said he would call me and get this figured out.

He called me the next day, and told me it was MY fault that bed broke and the warranty does not cover that. He was condescending, rude, and full of ***. I will never ever buy anything from Ashley Furniture again. They do not stand by their product, and put the blame on the consumer.

I have wasted so much time and energy on them, and have gotten nowhere.

Please stay away from Ashley!

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buy on store credit and don't pay if wronged.


If you bought it on your credit card, complain to your credit card company and get your money back.

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