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I purchased a table and chairs and when I assembled one I realized the bottom of the leg had sheared off in the box. You could tell that there was a defect in the wood at the top and bottom of the sheared area because the stain had leaked through the weakend areas.

I called and was told that they would have a technician come out and diagnose the problem. WTH? Seriously, it's in two pieces, this does not need technical diagnostics.

I decided to just take the piece back to the store. The manager (this is at the one in Riverton, Utah, Jeff) told me that "they repair, they don't replace defective merchandise".

Well I paid for something new and not a second.... so they need to make it NOT defective. They said they would glue it back together. I said no.. it's at an angle, glue would still not be new which is what I paid for, and it wouldn't be as sturdy. I have a two year old and I plan on having these for a long time. He's going to be leaning back on the back legs and the angle of the break is the worst possible place for that stress to go.

His repsonse "well it's not as sturdy TO YOU".. Well yes, that's true.. but in this scenario, my opinion is the ONLY one that actually counts.

I pointed out the stain seeping through and he accused me of using a black marker.

There were no marks on the chair from any damage from a fall or me hitting it with a hammer. I picked it up 2 hours ago.. and now I've purposfully broken it, covered it up, and am fighting with them for fun. Right! That must be it.

Then he tried to convince me that the policy was ok because "see those people over there? They just got a dresser with several broken drawers and we are only going to repair those as well, and they will have a repaired dresser." HUH!! Yeah, that didn't help. All that did was let me know that they treat ALL their customers like *** and have such poor quality furniture that they can't actually warranty it properly.

My solution then was, I have three days to return it, so I'll just do that and get another set from someone else that sells better quality furniture. I told the manager that, and he said that was definitely an option.

I started to do that and that's when they decided that they would take my chair and give me any of the floor models that I wanted.

I will do my best to NEVER shop at this place again. Buyer Beware!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Dresser Mirror.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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