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I was terminated from Ashley Furniture 8 weeks before my son was born......the excuse being I was not a "team player." I was only given part time hours and begged for full time to have a little more money when my son was born.

I was employed as a cashier and would always look and ask to help and perform duties that weren't part of my job! None of the other cashiers did half of what I did and probably made more money too. One coworker told me that when the manager found out I was pregnant that I was going to get fired b/c they don't like babys born out of wedlock!

Sure enough about two weeks after I anounced my pregnancy (I was @ 4 months along) I started getting written up for *** things like going to the bathroom too much(hello I was pregnant with gestational diabetes), sending a customer to another cashier that wasn't busy at the time b/c my computer was froze up, and drinking Ashley water!!

The day after thanksgiving sale they had me work from 5:30am to 12:00am with only a 10 min break!!!Isn't that against the law? Did I mention I was 6 months pregnant at the time and had developed gestational diabetes that they knew about!! I told them several times that I needed to sit down and take a break but I was ignored. Everyone else got a break but the pregnant lady and I ended up being the last name pulled out of the hat to leave a little earlier!

I asked to speak with the manager several times about harrassment from my coworkers and other ongoing issues but the only time she made herself available was to fire me! After all this my baby was born 5 weeks early due to stress most likely. They are lucky he was born healthy! I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE WITH SIMILAR ISSUES. SOMETHING IS GOT TO BE DONE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE!

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #30552

Mafiagodfather, this woman is putting down the other cashiers saying that they did not go out of their way to do things. She is saying that the other cashiers did not do half the work she did.

What kind of "team player" puts other co-workers down to make her self look better than them.

She does not know how to work as a team it is all about her. Even as a parent she and the father have to work as a team.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #30443

Sorry that emphasis of the word IS ILLEGAL was directed at Jason not at Lee/Liz because Jason does not get the concept that it is illegal. Just one thing, Lee/Liz you don't know your baby was born early due to stress, there could be lots of reasons, some unexplained.

I don't think five weeks early is damaging. I also expect that when you are pregnant you face lots of stress anyway, however you can't hold them accountable for the baby being born early.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #30442

Wow Jason, I sure don't hope you get jury duty or become a judge because you already judge someone without hearing the full facts, without the evidence. We don't know if Liz/Lee is being honest or not, that is up to the courts to decide.

Lee/Liz on the day that they gave you a ten minute break for 17 hours of work you should have just walked off and taken your break.

What they are doing IS ILLEGAL. Sometimes big companies push people around because they think they can.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #30440

Like I said LEE you need to grow up and tell THE WHOLE STORY. You are a mother now and need to GROW UP and act like one.

I fell sorry for your son. Stop acting like a child. I bet if you were not pregnant you would use something else as a reason you got fired. (Skin colour, religion, ect) Go submit your case to court.

Don't come crying when you lose. In court both sides of the story will be heard. They will provide all the evidence that you are not a team player. You are a parent, start acting more mature.

Your child depands on you to act your age. I don't work for Ashley Furniture. However you are a disgrunted an ex employee would make such childish claims just because she was a bad team player. There is lots of things you need to learn kiddo before you raise that child.

Also as a parent you have a responsibility to watch out and do what is best for your child and that includes things like taking care of yourself when you are pregnant. I doubt very much you only got a ten minute break. The other employees would notice the awful treatment you were getting.

You just want people to feel sorry for you. Good luck in parenting you need it.

Old Toronto, Ontario, Canada #30427

Apparently Jason Tillo is one of those kiss a** employees of Ashley Furniture. I enjoyed my job and worked to my highest potential pregnant or not.

But have you ever heard of a little term called "reasonable accomodation"? And what about the day I worked 18 hours with one 10 minute break? Thats against the law in case you weren't aware. Pregnant or not I did everything I was supposed to do and more and was wrongfully terminated.

As to the comment about how I could have left if I were so unhappy.....who is going to employ a woman who is 6 to 7 months pregnant?? Ashley has a terrible reputation as well as furniture.

My story above is honest and I have evidence to prove it! I'd like to see you Jason Tillo when I submit my case in court!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #30400

For goodness sakes you are not a mother, isn't it about time you grew up and started acting like an adult. You have responsibilities to take.

If you were not pregnant and got fired what excuse would you have used then. If it was really that bad before you quit than why did you stay why not find another job. I doubt the whole story is true there must be things you are not telling us. If this was really stressing you out and you were concerned about the health of your unborn child you should have quit.

Also you say they are lucky the baby was born healthy. It is not their fault he was born five weeks early.

Why not grow up and take responsibility for your actions, tell the whole truth. You are a mother you son depends on you to act like an adult.

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