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I purchased a sectional along with the insurance which they told me it was a protector against any spills and the wood on furniture & life time warranty its not true all they want is for you to buy the insurance then something happens and its not covered as per ashleys furniture corporate office manager. Im very disappointed with the bunch of lies i was told. If you plan on buying furniture please dont its cheap they might look nice but are very low quality this was my first time buying from them big mistake i will not do this again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Warranty.

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Same *** happens to me no more furniture from ASHLEY FURNITURE


The same happen to me they are liars .I do not recomed people to buy furniture from ashley furniture.


:( I agree, they just pulled the same joke on me. I did not want the insurance, and the sales rep kept pushing it, so I asked if it covered pet damage, and he said yes, and three years later, I try to get the pet damage fixed and they won't do it.

Liars! They also pretended not to find my insurance until I told them I had the proof sitting right in front of me. Losers! They kept asking if it happened within fourteen days, I told them the damage was on going, what does it matter?

Scam artists! They messed with the wrong lady, Im going to complain until I turn BLUE.


Do not buy the insurance from Ashley furniture because they don't live up to their end of the bargain. They promise to clean If any spills, but when I called them they said no because it's been to long and it wasn't an accident.

I had my furniture for two years and the insurance was for five. They suck don't buy the insurance.


if i dont get my furntiure replaced. i will have no choice but to contact the local news!!!!!! :(


i purchased a leather sofa, leather loveseat, 2 end tables and a marble and wood coffee table. the salesman talked me into getting the insurance.

said it would cover anything. he assured me!!!! his name was Hunter. Of course he is no longer there.

My sofa has not held up at all. the cushions are flat, the back cushions are flat. you sink into the springs. I have only had this furntiure for 2 yrs.

i spent $5,000.00 cash. Repairing America came out to day. They are who my insurance is with. He told me that cushions are not covered.

he said you can tell you sit in one side. i said i switch up the cushions. then i sat down on one end of the sofa....and i had no shoes on and velour pants. one leg on the floor and the other on "my" sofa.

he said i shouldnt sit like that. saying my sofa is not to be sat on? just for show? what is up with this?

this is ridiculous!!!! a sofa set should last more than 2 yrs, dont u agree? this is insane, i would say to anyone..NEVER NEVER buy from ASHLEY FURNITURE. i saved up for son long to get this.

and this is how im treated.



I purchased furniture from the ashley store in fayetteville nc and a 3 yr extended warranty plan also and they will not even speak with me about it and now state that they do not even handle the insurance any more its a whole different company of which is worse than they are neither will give me anything but a brochure on the company mfs I have called numerous times trying to get a claim sheet and nothing talked to district manager and he laughed at me then hung up I called back talked to another so called manager but yet no claim form no answers now from my number I call from different numbers but as soon as I give them my policy number they hang up the phone every time I would not recomemd buying any of there furniture let alone a protection plan both are a waist of time and money looks nice on the showroom floor but will not last more than a year or 2 at most leather cracks and fades glass came with chips in it snd refused to replace or fix and frame to tables and chairs had cracks in them all this happened from hardly any use or was delivered this way I wasnt usibg the furniture for half the time I have owned it was gone so if your looking to get ripped off by ashley furniture and have rude service then they are the place to go if you want better go elseworth


i was also ripped off this this extended coverage by the casa grande store - they did not even try to follow thru on what they said - what makes me very angry is that i trusted them. never again will i buy from them


all the ashley home stores are like that sales people only get paid by commision so they have to lie a little they will lose there jobs if they dont meet ceartain quotas ashley furniture is all junk there sofas fall apart in less than 6 monts i know beacause i use to work for ashley some of there wood products are cheap u pay for what u get homes stores all over are in big trouble


The sales people get more money if they sale the insurance to you and if they dont they get in big trouble. they get threatened with losing their jobs.

Andrew Covingotn owns the store in Joplin and Springfield and he treats his people like ***. He lies and has his side-kick david Swenson lie too just to ear a buck and *** on the customers.

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