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My Fiance and I purchased Ashley Furniture on Febuary 28, 2009. We paid it in full that day.

We were told that it would be delivered on March 24th. I just got a call today, March 20th an they told me that we would not be getting our furniture till April 7th. It will be in their warehouse on the 24.Could someone plz explain to me why it would take them over a month to deliver my furniture??? They have their money but yet Im still waitin for my furniture.

If I would owe them money an told them I would have it on the 24th but I wasnt gonna send it to them till the April 7th, they wouldnt go for that. I am not a happy camper right now an I really would think twice before getting anymore furniture from them again.

This is uncalled for. I never heard of waithing this long for furniture to be delivered.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Lol, it's funny how some customers want to blame every area of fault in a company by the one person who answers the phone, get a life people!


Try this...I bought furniture from Ashley on 1-17-09 and like you as well, I paid in full.

Today is 4-1-09 and they have YET to deliver my furniture. They do not follow up; this includes salespersons, customer service, and management.

There is not one person within the whole organization (or lack thereof) here in Houston/Pearland Tx. area that seems to have any inkling of a clue. :eek

One customer service supervisor (Christina Ollerbides @ ext 4953) is very unprofessional and was not very empathetic to this paying customer who has had to wait what is now the 11th WEEK WITH NO FURNITURE THAT WAS PAID FOR IN CASH!!!

She refused to give me a number to their company headquarters, constantly interrupted me, and was overall unapologetic...and she was a SUPERVISOR... :?

trAshley furniture sux...BIGTIME


My wife and I purchased 2 sofas with 4 recliners in the sofa set and a seperate recliner paid in full the same day which is 12-21-08 and just keep getting run arounds and unkept promises, they keep telling us that the furniture is in stock or ready to ship and to date still no furniture as of 3-27-09 but are supposed to be getting our monney back next week. The money I used to pay for this stuff came from a car accident lawsuit in which my back was broke and I needed these for my back and for guests.

I have been told by the media that they are supposedly fileing for bankruptcey so if I were you I'd get my money back. :( :( :(


We purchased 2 love seats on 10 Jan, paid in full, and was given 28 Mar as the NLT date (10...yes TEN...weeks). I checked w/ the store today and they don't even know the status of where the furniture is physically located, but they are sure they won't be delivering my stuff on 28 Mar!

They can not stay in business long in the current environment with poor service like this. :?

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