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If you read all the complaints about this company, they all have a common thread - you pay for your furniture in advance; the company promises delivery sometime in the future (usually six to eight weeks); the company never delivers the furniture. This is exactly what happened to me. I ordered furniture on August 31, 2010.

I was required to pay the full amount up front (over $1,000). The company promised part of the order by 11/3/10 (in time for some Thanksgiving guests at our house). The balance of the order was to be received by 11/24/10. I heard nothing from the company by 11/24/10, so I called them to find out where my furniture was. The salesman told me that he had bad news for me - the factory had zero inventory of the furniture I had ordered, and he had no idea when the factory would be able to deliver. I complained bitterly about this situation. How could the company retain my money for almost three months and not be able to deliver the furniture or at least call me and tell me they could not deliver as promised. The day after Thanksgiving I got a call from the salesman, telling me he had good news. The furniture I ordered for delivery on 11/3/10 would be delivered on 11/27/10. When the delivery showed up, however, only one of the two night stands that I had ordered was on the truck, and the headboard was damaged. The delivery driver admitted the headboard was a floor model. When I called to complain the salesman claimed that the damaged headboard would be replaced "next week" along with the missing night stand. The other part of the order was still undeliverable. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE GUYS. I should have been more wary.

When I first ordered my furniture there was an irate customer in the store, demanding to know when his furniture would finally be delivered. When I was in the store to complaint about the lack of delivery of my furniture there was a salesman on the phone trying to assure a customer that the damaged furniture he or she received would be replaced. What is more amazing, when I looked these guys up on the Better Business Bureau's website they had an A+ rating. Go figure. All of you who have been ripped off by this company need to complaint to the BBB.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Lucky you Steve. You should read some of the complaints on this website and others.


I bought 2 reclining loveseats from Ashley furniture and couldn't be happier. They were delivered exactly when promised.

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