We wasted over 8 hours of our time at Ashley Furn over the past 3 days. They are the most unprofessional group that I have ever encountered in my lifetime!

They aparently can not use computers. They do not keep their word. - They could care less about doing business, evn in this economy. They falsely advertise items, promising unavailable delivery dates, promising "in-stock" furniture that is not availalbe for delivery, and promising incentives that they are unwilling to come through with when all is said and done.

Our time is precious to us, but Not to them. > Buyer BEWARE 111

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Just a word of warning. This company doesn't care if the consumer is happy.

They are just to big. I recommend shopping with the local company in your area.

they promise and don't deliver, still waiting after 3 weeks for a mattress they said would be delivered last week. too pissed to ever shop there again


We purchased a bed for my teenage son who has grown out of his twin bed as a surprise for his birthday. They gave us a two to six week delivery time frame.

When they called we were three states away for a weekend. They said they would charge us $25 for every day after 48 hours if not picked up. Incredible! Did they think we were going to stay at home waiting for six weeks till it showed up!!

After our return to town, we pick up the bed, get home, tear down the twin bunkbeds, and then when we open the box, THERE WERE TWO LEFT SIDES. The store says they didn't pack it and we have to wait till they call support tomorrow and then get the piece overnighted. "Doesn't work for me. Explained that they could remove the one piece I needed off their display and they could put it back together after they got the new part in.

Jerks wouldn't even do that. So now, my son has no bed to sleep in, his birthday present is a bunch of parts on his floor. Horrible, horrible customer service.

Will tell at LEAST 30 people that this company is the worst ever. :(


Pflugerville TX. Avoid buying anything these people don't care about putting customers first at all.

I simply asked for delivery to be an hour later than planned and the man proceeded to yell and scream "I will be there when I get there!" People like this should not be in jobs where they speak to customers.

Especially when they are coming to your house. He is getting an ear full when he gets here.

Bryant, Arkansas, United States #160669

if u live in southern cal do not by from the orange county stores we have ben waiting over 5 weeks they keep giving us excuse after excuse we went to another store and got delivery the same day


I bought two chairs from and Ashley dealer in Kennewick WA. I didn't realize but literally the chairs are made out of cardboard.

In the showroom the sample chair did not shake when you sat in them, mine do horribly. I broke one of the chairs two hours after I got it home. I brought the first chair back and it took them five months to fix and I was told I would be getting a new one. I marked the chair when I returned it and got the same one back.

Ashley furniture’s warranty policy is to fix items not replace according to the paperwork on the chair. If you weigh more than 150 pounds do not buy a chair from Ashley. Take your money and run to a LazyBoy store my last ones held up for 10 years. My husband is not working these days, so money is tight but I should have waited and saved up.

It would have been no different than sitting on cardboard boxes. Oh, one more than when you go to get out of the chair and you don’t do it quickly and sit on the edge you will slide out of the chair.

Run away from Ashley furniture or the Signature series! If your buying any kind of furniture make sure its not made by Ashley.

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