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Im having an issue with off gassing from my Burkesville "Hamlyn" dresser and night stand? (Made overseas!!) Has anyone else had this problem? The furniture has been in my home for well over a year. When the furniture was originally delivered, I could smell something strange!!! It was almost like an extremely dirty, musty sour smell.. I did open the windows and let it air out for a week or so and the smell was less noticeable. The furniture is for my extra bedroom.. I do not sleep in this room and keep the door closed most of the time. I do have a sewing machine in the room that I sometimes use. Every time I would sew my eyes would burn and water.. Just thought it was tired eyes!!!

Then my husband fell, he fractured his back and required surgery.. As my husband healed, I stayed with my daughter for 2 months to be closer to the hospital. I would only return home to pick up mail and so on. The house stayed locked up during this time. After being released we took my husband home and my daughter came to stay for his recovery. She began sleeping in the spare room and right away had severe headaches!! On the first night she complained about the strange smell, so we completely cleaned and aired out room. We used lemon oil on the furniture and placed boxes of baking soda around the room.... Nothing helped!!!! She kept the windows open, but still had headaches, dry eyes, dry mouth and trouble breathing!!! Needless to say she moved to the couch and we closed the door. We began calling Ashley furniture and still don't have a solution... Because I've had the furniture for over a year the warranty is gone! I do understand the store policy, but I was only hoping to exchange for something useful. I can't afford to throw this furniture out nor would I sell to someone else.. I have a conscious and could not stand the fact that I exposed someone to this toxic mess! We've called and spoke to the manager over and over.. He is a great guy and has been extremely nice to us...BUT nothing has been done!!!

I can't believe out of all the pieces of furniture sold this was the only set with toxic off gassing fumes!!! This extra room is now useless for my family and friends... I think there should be a law against distribution of furniture containing toxic material. Where is the EPA when you need them???

Please, please share if you've had any of the same problems. Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Anyone having these off-gassing serious health related issues after purchasing furniture from Ashley Home Store, please respond to this post. I too as well as my family have had this issue and I am concerned that health related issues I have experienced is extremely serious and will love to seek legal action against the company.

Again please respond to this comment so work together to seek justice.

This is absolutely inhumane and unacceptable. Thank you!


We have completely the same issue. Unfortunately, we got this for our bedroom.

I have been having pretty bad health issues ever since and I had to miss work several times solely because of the extreme sinus irritation and allergies caused by this furniture. The headaches are also a problem and an issue I never had before getting this furniture. My nose is constantly stuffy. I do not even recall what it feels like to breathe normally.

My husband, who's in his early 30s, started to have arthritic pain with no such family history of arthritis. We didn't know what was making us sick at first and tested all the variations by taking things out of the room and testing levels. Their warranty does not cover poisoning you (only defects). This absolutely should be illegal and it is disgusting the government and EPA allows these corporations to poison its citizens.

After several baking soda treatments, and even an ammonia neutralization, the VOC tests both with kits as well as a meter show dangerous levels in our bedroom. This has affected our quality of life and health tremendously and we will never buy a single thing from Ashley ever again nor do I recommend this company. We want to sue but toxic torts require you to show health damage and to link it.

If anyone has an idea of how to do this properly I'd love to hear it and we are willing to take part in a class action law suit against them as well since this is likely affecting many people out there and Ashley Furniture needs to beheld accountable. Monetary Loss: ~3000k


I have purchased some Ashley furniture in 2018 a sectional sofa and it is off gassing really bad. It has made me very sick to the point I am not sending it to the city dump to be destroyed so no one else will have to go though what I had to deal with now.

Ashley furniture lied they are still selling this kind of furniture and now they are even selling it to a store call Big Lots for distribution to consumers. I hate them and will never purchase from them again.

@Denise Turner

I am experiencing terrible long and throat pain since getting my new couch on Father’s Day! I am In the process of filling a claim but after reading so many comments about Ashley Furniture I want to begin a law suit claim.

Please contact my email if anyone is interested in sending over their stories.

I really want to get this going. Nicole


I am also having problems with off gassing bedroom furniture. It's the Catalina bed set. It has been in the room for at least 2 months with the window open during winter, and it hasn't helped.

@Monique Ryan

I have battled the air in my home for over a year. I have syarted legal action, after discovering the issue was two sofas purchased at ashleys PLEASE call 716-381-0366. I will fill you in.


Is anyone having issues with fabric furniture from Ashley? We bought a microfiber sectional and ottoman in 2014 and had zero issues with smell.

7 weeks ago, we bought 2 polyester reclining couches made with polyurethane foam. For the first 6 weeks, we didn't smell anything. Then it got very humid and hot in our apartment and the off gassing began. It's been horrible and I have been so sick- sick enough to go to the ER.

We have tried bowls vinegar, plates of onions, baking soda, houseplants and lemon oil to soak up the smell along with the windows open 24/7 and fans blowing. The smell has greatly reduced but is still present.

The manager is willing to let us exchange it so we are considering getting a fabric reclining sofa instead. Anyone having issues?


I purchased a recliner from Ashley Furniture -it's been off-gassing for almost 2 weeks with running the fan constantly -with no change. The VOC's have triggered numerous heath problems for me.

They refuse to give me any information about the chair, the fake leather, the padding, etc. They rudely refuse to answer any questions -simply stating "we've never had complaints before-you are just extra sensitive"

They NEVER mentioned their furniture was NON-returnable until I asked if they would take it back if they weren't going to help me out with information on how to de-gas it.


I bought a couch from Ashley Furniture a month ago. I had them pick it up 3 days later because of the toxic smell.

I had migraines and was vomiting when in the house with the couch. 30 minutes after I left the house, my headaches and nausea went away. I bought the Faroush sofa. They picked it up because I demanded, after several calls, that they do so.

They have not offered a refund. I'm still fighting that. They supposedly removed fire-retardant chemicals from their manufacturing process, however there still must be something awful in it for people to be having these reactions.

I don't have any allergies. I've never had a reaction like this before.


I had same issue, I ended up tossing the sofa and recliner. The smell is formaldehyde,and it is in the glue used with the plywood. They should stand more behind there products but don't.


Did the off gas ever stop? I just bought two night stands from Ashley.

These were made in Vietnam and smell horrible. I bought them on 4/4/16. Upon opening the box the smell was UNBELIEVABLE! They were put outdoors immediately and all drawers removed.

it is 8 days later and after one hour indoors they must be placed outdoors again. The smell is from the varnish I guess. May be formaldehyde. You stated yours was a year and counting.

Based on the date of post it is now three years. Did they ever work out?


Go to the BBB with your complaints

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