One of the things I learned from working in customer service since I was 17 is that you don't client blame because this is the most unprofessional move you can make. Saying something like "YOU are/were confused" versus "There was confusion" are two totally different things.

The first is unprofessional, breaking one of the sacred rules of customer service and there's the latter who carries the value of patience and the skill for client service. I ordered a dining set worth $1200.00. You would think it would be delivered without scratches and dents but it was. I decided to keep the others with minor scratches because I didn't have a choice and then, there were 2 dining chairs that were bad I had to return.

I called customer service and scheduled for a pick up of those two chairs. I worked on it for 3 weeks because if you call their CS line, it depends on who you talk to. Some are knowledgeable, others not so. well, instead of a pick up, a technician came who says he only does repairs.

(he didn't repair, he only took a pen and drew to hide the scratches) So, I called that same day, this time, to make sure they scheduled a pick up of my return. Well, Sabrina, called me 2 hours later and said these exact words to me "YOU probably just got confused and your schedule for pick up for the items you're returning is on Monday". Wow, talk about client blaming here. Anyway, so I return her call just to tell her I was not confused and that I was only scheduled for the pick up two hours before she called.

As expected, she dismissed it, didn't apologize, justified her unprofessionalism and hung up. Last time I encountered someone like that was 10 years ago. That person was fired months later for doing the same to another client. On the other hand, you've got someone like Yalda who is totally opposite.

I spoke to her (2hours before Sabrina called to client blame me) and she scheduled the return pick up immediately. She was kind, patient and explained to me how the process of refund will go. Answered all my questions, was polite and just overall knowledgeable. Now that's someone any company will be lucky to have.

Thus, the reason why I'm giving two stars. If this were just about Sabrina it would be zero stars but I need to acknowledge the other customer service agents who were professional and have the integrity needed to succeed in client relations. A shoutout to Yalda for her integrity. Success is not about hard work, as I always tell my team.

Integrity is (always doing the right thing even if no one is looking) and working smart. So glad I have employees and a group of regional team that are professionals. From the very beginning, I do tell my team that I will not tolerate client blaming. After all, we are in this business because of our clients.

In any business, you have to be humble enough to acknowledge that, if not, you have no business being in customer service. Understand that the client does not see the system (Sabrina's excuse was that the system showed the return was worked on two weeks ago, - which was not the point to begin with) This incident with Sabrina is a good example to be discussed on our next training session, followed by Yalda's professionalism and skills. Two totally opposite employees. I will admit, Ashley has some good furniture (except for the dining I ordered - my mistake) and I wouldn't dismiss them, just yet.

I just hope they do more training so the agents follow protocols and be knowledgeable of different scenarios and how to handle them. Ashley should also look into training for professionalism to those who don't understand client relations and that, I hope, Yalda and others just like her are rewarded by their professionalism.

User's recommendation: Always read the fine print and if you encounter someone who isn't professional to you, report them, file a complaint, record your conversation bec they're recording you and not just take note of rude CS personnel but also the good ones.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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