i have purchased furnitures at ashley furnitures last 07/10/21. 1 dining table, 4 barstool, 1 bench, 1 coffee table, 1 couch, 1 loveseat.

paid all of the items with my debit cards. including the set up and delivery. the items was delivered on 07/25/21. i was not at home when it was delivered, but my brother was the one who let them in and for them to set the furnitures up.

when i got home, i inspected the furnitures. and found most of it was damaged, scratched, and has cracked. also was not put together properly. as soon as i found the damages after 2 hours upon delivery.

i called their costumer service number and reported it. and asked for them to replace the furnitures. i was told that they will file a report. few days passed no one tried to contact me and resolve the problem.

so, i have decided to go by their store and complain. i had spoken to one of the managers. and was told that they contact me as soon as they were able to get a hold on their costumer service office, and wait a few days. after few days, i called the costumer service again.

was told that i did not report the issue right away and waited for a few days. and also told that they have "NO RETURN POLICY". i was also put on hold and passed around for hours. again i went back to the store, to find out that the person i had spoken to was no longer there.

and spoke to a different manager. to pacify my frustration and for me not make a scene. he handed me a gift card and promised that he will tru resolve the issue. yet again, was told to wait for a few days.

still, nothing happened. again, i went back to the store. i probably spoken to multiple managers, and most of the time they hide and pretended to be busy in their phone. and then they said that i have to schedule for someone to come and check the furnitures before they can assess the situation.

to have it repaired or replaced. at first i wanted it to be replaced. but, as of this moment, all i want is to return all of the items back. with the stress, time, money and the nuissance that they caused me.

my vacation was canceled and i was fined for rescheduling it. due to dealing with unprofessionalism of their employees.uunpro

User's recommendation: avoid buying furnitures.

Location: Antioch, California

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