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I am going to start from the beginning of where all the problems started. My mother in law and husband walked into Ashley furniture to shop for our new home.

At first we were approached by a salesman and he gave us time to look around. After a while we found everything we wanted to purchase. After opening a credit card account and deciding the prices we were ready to sign our receipt and go home. We waited more than an hour to wait to sign our receipt and people who were helped after us kept getting helped first so we left.

That night they called us back to go into the store and sign all our papers. We were informed that our living room set (sofa, chair, ottoman, and pillows) were all going to arrive the 23rd of October and our kind bed frame and headboard on the 17th because it was in a farther warehouse (I even have the receipt that says that). So when the 23rd came I expected to have what I was told. WRONG!

I only got my sofa and chair. So when I called they told me I was wrong even though I had my receipt. Ok so I let that go, today I had a shipment and expected the rest of my items. I had left work AGAIN, and mind you I have only been at this job for 2 months so taking time off work made me look bad, they delivered the wrong headboard and bed set.

It wasn't even the right size!!!! We even checked the serial number from my receipt and the bed and it was a match so it wasn't the warehouse or the delivery man’s fault. The delivery man handled it very well and when I talked to customer service they told me to call the store and talk to my salesman and work it out. When I called the store they were talking to me as though I was 5 and I didn't know to double check the number with the shipment.

After they needed to check something I was put on hold for 40 minutes!!!!! Seriously?? I hung up and called the manager to speak with him, he barely heard what I had to say and then he kept saying sorry I understand and rushing me off the phone. After only 10 minutes he said he will see if he can switch out the beds and get me the right one.

He also let me know he would call me back. Well it’s almost 3 and haven't heard anything back from our conversation from 11 o'clock this morning! NEVER AGAIN! I'm going to return all my items and go somewhere else.

Bad customer service! Ashley's Furniture needs to hire smarter employees, it's not that hard to write down the correct order and shipping day!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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