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I purchased 2 leather love seats in May 2010. As soon as the 2 love seats were delivered it was very clear that there were multi quality issues.

I called customer service and was told to leave a message and I would receive a phone call the following day.......that did not happen........I found it necessary to contact the store mgr to intercede on my behalf. The service rep did come out and was not able to fix the love seats........I had to discuss multi times with the Customer Service Mgr to get these items picked up because despite the attempt to fix.........there was no way to fix the lack of quality.

I then picked another leather sofa.........How the company sends out GLARING defects is beyond me, but the company ships furniture that is clearly defective. To make a long story short.......I have returned the furniture and I STILL have not received my refund..........The Customer Service Mgr reports that my emails go into her SPAM folder.......yeah is just an attempt to delay providing a this time they have $1442.00 USD.............I would not recommend buying ANY items from Ashley Furniture in Utah.............You will not get quality furniture.........You will not get service............You will wait for your refund...........

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Sofa.

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Waited 4 weeks for delivery of bedroom set, that never happened. After finally getting ahold of a manager, they said another 4 weeks.

We asked for a refund and he said he would put out a rush email for us and to call the next day. Have called for the next three days, and conviently, he is never available to take a call, never available to talk to at the store, and never responds to phone messages.

What a joke! RC Willey never gave us this trouble.


DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY!! I was concerned about some negative feedback about the store that I found online but my salesman assured me that that was just a few dis-satisfied customers, that most of his customers come back to thank him for the wonderful furniture they get from Ashley.

LIES!! everything I read was right on with the problems with my order. We order $10k worth of furniture from teh Layton Utah store and we are disappointed with the majority. The quality and durability is very poor.

We were lied to on the material of our dining room table --telling us that it was the most durable out there. It was replaced within 2 weeks of using it because of scratches that they can't repair and now when it scratches they try to ignore the problem.


They said that their furniture is made in U.S--LIES---all of our furniture (underneath)says "made in China" or "Malaysia"



I agree with everything you write about. For all out there looking to purchase furniture from Ashley..DON'T!

Check every complaint website on Ashley and you will see why (I wish I would have!).

Utah has some wonderfuly furniture store! ASHLEY IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

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