Dallas, Texas

We bought several rooms of furniture at Ashley's and the furniture is terrible. Paint peels off the tables.Legs of chair and desk are broken.

Nephew got a black eye when he fell out of the broken chair and hit the table. Recliner doesnt recline. We can't move the desk in the office or it will collapse. $300 warranty not honored.

The furniture styles are great but the quality is horrible. I feel cheated and dissapointed.

Don't waste your money. It's a shame that a store with such great styles would dishonor their customers by selling cheap and poor quality furniture in addition to promoting a high price warranty they won't even honor.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Recliner.

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we were allready to purchase a nice dinning room table and living room and and bedroom set and a 4000 king set another customer told us they have been waiting 5 weeks for there furniture in the yorba linda store we then went to another major furniture store for there grand opening bought it 10 am had it deliverd by 5pm tonite


:( do not shop yorba lind store ashley homestore there owners dont care about there sales staff then there are 3 owners berry, patric, dave that don even get a long with each other thats why there selling there stores


ahsley never responds to these letters why not shows me all ashley home stores are rip offs no wonder there all hurting they take a high mark up then they give a discount go shop other stores that sells ashley ther prices are much lower with out discounts shop matthis brother in ontario or livingspaces


found out ashley furniture in yorba linda is going out of buss everything 40 percent off be there saturday morning at 7 am


use to work for ashley homestore buyer be were homestores take a very high mark up so the can give discounts go to living spaces they take a low mark up were they dont have to give discounts. no matter what furniture store you shop at do not purchase fabric protection its a rip off as one person said, the wholesale cost is around 30 for the warrinty and a store will charge the consumer anywere from 129 dollars to 800 depending on the amouint of the furniture, if a sales person does not make there quota they will be fired or writtin up if anyone would like to respond please do so


furniture buyer beware of fabric protection

stores are overcharging it cost the store about 30.00 for the warrinty and stores can charge what ever they want anyware form 60 dollars all the way up to 600 dollars its a complete rip off, stores give there sale staff a quota if they dont meet it they get written there have been sales people fired threw the years for not meeting there quotas


when shoping at any ashley home store do no give full deposit they will tell you 7 to 10 working days then there will be delays and wont give money back, some home stores will charge you anyware from a 5 to a 25 to a 50 percent restocking fee. even though they tell you its a special order its already made up in the ashley factory if you purchase something then go back the next day and cancel it they charge you a restocking fee.


do not shop yorba linda ashley home store they will be out of bussiness in the next 2 months there warehouse gives poor service and they also lie to there empoyess do not spend money on fabric protection its a rip off it only cost the dealer 39.00 and your being charged anywhere from 129 all the way up to 500 home stores take a high mark up so they can give discounts living spaces is much cheaper and they dont have to give discounts


do not shop at ashley furniture the are expected to go out of buss in the next 2 months the customer service is very poor at there were house the also over charge for fabric protection when the warrnity only costs the dealer 39.00 its a rip off people shop living spaces or matthis brother much better prices homestores take a high mark up to give discounts there really is no savings at all it takes to long to have furniture deliverd at living spaces you get it right a way

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