I spent 2,000. dollars for a living rm.

furniture at ashley I gat guardsman protection for 5 years I paid 169.99 and was told if I don't use it I'll get all of my money back. well ashley told me that they don't do the plain anymore but what about me I paid off furniture an never used the protection plain so where is my money. somebody lied.

I don't think I'll ever buy anything from guardsman or ashley. because they tell lies and don't honer there word.as well know as ashley you would think they where better than this.

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Yup, horror stroy after horror story. Bought a leather couch.

Ripped in 2 weeks. they were going to sew it... like dude. you can see it.

Customer service is a joke...

we gave up.... we call them ASHIT-LEY


My husband and I got furniture from Ashley too. We got the guardsman plan too.

When we tried to use the plan on the defective furniture we called Guardmans and were sent their forms. The forms called for info that I needed help to get. When I found a strong young man to lift up my furniture I got the numbers they wanted and sent in the form. Guardmans refused to pay out claim since it took me more than the ten days they allow for returning a claim to them.

I had told them I would not be able to return the forms in ten days, that my husband had surgery and I could not lift the sofa to get the numbers. They said okay then, only to say later too bad. They refused to let me file another claim too. It was like I was banned by them.

SO when I called Ashley to get my money back for the Guardmans plan they acted like they never heard I could get my money back and I left messages for the manager to call me and I have never heard back. They blamed the sale's man that no longer worked there for telling us a lie. Seems that is a lie they love to tell over and over.

I would not have gotten the Guardmans plan if I had not been told I could not loose the money. Crooks both of them.


Ashley did the same thing to me. I got the guardsman plan too.

When I decided to cancel the plan and get my money back they said I was lied too and they never give back money from the guardmans plan and they don't use that plan any more.

They lied. I am out the money I gave them for protection and when I did not use it I did not get my money back.

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