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We purchased a bonded leather sofa set from Ashley Furniture in Layton, Utah in October of 2012. Until last week the furniture was fine, no complaints.

We agreed to purchase the warranty because we have pets. The warranty SPECIFICALLY covers pet urine, ***, stomach fluid or blood. While on our vacation last week, our house sitter closed the door to our cats litter box, kitty used our loveseat as a litter box for a day. (super gross) but the warranty COVERS cat urine, thankfully!

So i call and make an appointment. The soonest they can get a tech out is two weeks!? When the tech arrives, before he even sees the loveseat says "i can tell you right now i am not going to be able to clean it, the warranty doesn't cover smells" what?! our loveseat is dark brown leather, the urine is obviously dry, it been two weeks!

Tech says he can't clean the urine because he can't see it!!!! are you kidding me?! it's blatantly obvious where kitty peed! But because the sofa is a dark color he can't clean it...???

had the sofa been white he could clean it, (furniture racism? WTF)but because he cant see the dry *** he wont touch it. I call the warranty department back and the woman tells me that he was right, he does not have to uphold the warranty that specifically says that it covers cat urine because he can not see the stain. I told her fine, i will have a black light and show specifically where the cat peed, schedule another appointment.

again, two weeks is the soonest they can get a tech out! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!! I am not finished fighting this war.

We paid for the warranty specifically because it covered pet bodily fluids! Next stop, Ashley Furniture Corporate Offices (don't expect much from them either, but I am not going to quit until they uphold their end of the warranty!)what a GIANT waste of money!!

save your time AND money! if you live in Utah go to RC Willey or anywhere other than Ashley Furniture!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Furniture Set.

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