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On 10/05/10 we purchased 2 ove seats and a couch from the Avondale store. They told us we would get a call to set up a delivery time for the next day.We were woken up at around 7a.m.

the next morning by the delivery truck,no call to set up.When we accepted delivery on the surface the furniture look alright. Later on that morning when we actually sat down on it we found that the seat cushion on one of the love seats hangs over the edge to much and gets caught in the mechanisum when you try to open and close the recliner. this is not a loose cushion so it is not like you can push back or move it . It is fixecd to the frame.

So then we tried the other recliners and found that they all had problems. We tried thru out the same day to call customer service and their line was always busy. Finally we got thru the next day and were told they would e-mail the store our complaint. Just to make sure we went to the store and talked to store manager.

We were told that they would refund our money minus a delivery fee and an additional pick up fee.A total of $159.82 that are down the drain. In the first place it is not my fault that they sent out defective furniture. I have to send it back because it is no good,why should I be carged for them to take back something they should not have delivered to begin with. Okay when we were at the store the manager said we would be call within 24 hours to set up a pick up time.

We waited more than 24 hours and no call. we called the manager again on the next day after the time had passed and he assured us that he would see to it that the furniture was picked up the next day, that was on a Friday. Friday came and went no call not pick up. We talked to manager of Sat.

and he was going to get right on it and call us back, no call, no pick up. he was unavaliable the rest of the day Sat. and Sun. We asked the receptionist if she could check and see when we were scheduled for pick up and she told us not till the 15th of October which is more than a week after we reprted the problem.

Today is Mon. Oct. the 11th, we called the store this morning and talked to the same manager and told him that we needed to have it picked up sooner as we were planning to leave Thurs. on a trip.

He said he would get right on it and call us right back. You guessed it no call yet. He never even made and excuse for not calling us back even to let us know they weren't coming. We wasted all weekend waiting for a call or someone just to show up like when they deliverd.

Nothing, Nada I am very dissapointed that in todays economy they have no more respect for their customers than this.Everybody has to sacrafice right now to be able to buy furniture. You would think that they would check out their furniture before they deliver it and stand behind their word when thaey deliver dameged goods.

I think they probably figure they'ss atleast make money of of you on all the delivery and pick up fees. Our next step is BBB and 3 on your side T.V.

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I am having the same issue with damaged furniture. They delivered me a dinning room set that was damaged during delivery.

They have since been out 3 more time with 3 more tables in an attempt to replace my damaged one. ALL tables have had damage. I finally said forget it and decided to return the entire set for a refund. They agreed to a refund of the table but will NOT refund my delivery fee.

They tell me I have to pay for delivery because, after all, they did "provide me with a service" by coming out to my house. I find it ridiculous that I have to pay for delivery when they delivered a damaged product that I am not excepting. I don't know what to do.

I want to take action against a scam like this but I don't really know where to start. It's much more about the principle of it than the money.

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