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We are very unhappy with the Ashley furniture we purchased. It is poorly made and the company did not stand behind it for a simple request when we asked for a spare hinge for the armoire - we would have been happy to pay for it however they didn't even want to help us out.

One of the drawers in the bed stands is falling apart when it has not had that much use. The bed post which screws into baseboard of the four poster bed is stripped. The bottoms of the drawers are thin and cheap.

We will never purchase Ashley furniture again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Bed.

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Sally, like she would know that the company does not back up their product. You house is probable all Ikea.


We are looking at a 4 poster bedroom set with them plus mattress set. What 4 poster set did you get?


You shouldn't have to check the item!!! You should trust that what you are paying a *** load for is legit! SALLY


Once again - as a former employee in the furniture industry - ASHLEY'S has never been associated with good quality or good pricing - it only looks good. As far as getting your furniture serviced - you will have to raise total he77 if you want results with ASHLEY'S.

They will put you off hoping you will go away - read the complaints on the BBB blog - it is endless. And SALLY - lighten up - or are you the salesperson that sold the bedroom set to this honest hard working customer?


you buy furniture with the intention that you are being told the truth about the product. to many consumers are finding out that the quality of ashley furniture is bad. people need to do there homework and start reading the blogs then they will get the real truth the customer service is a joke once they get your money it's over


it is to bad this company sell the quality of furniture it called cradel to grave in 2 years. dont you wish you read this blog site and there are other blog sites as well one day ashley will have to take responsiblity for all the angry consumers steeling there hard earned money customers beware


You didn't check the items out before you purchased them? ***.

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