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We made a purchase from Ashley, it took a month to arrive which is the norm for them apparently. They could not get the furniture up the stairs so had to return it to the warehouse but they do not give refunds so was told we could use it for store credit, disappointing but so be it.

We made another selection that would not have to go up the stairs and was for a lesser amount. When the new product arrived it was damaged so we waited another month (3 months total for money already in their pocket) for its replacement.

With credit left on our account my daughter and I recently (a few weeks ago) went to pick out a new dresser but was told at the counter that we had no credit on our account and our first purchase was not even on file. Interesting since I still had the original purchase receipt and was told we still had credit left after our replacement purchase. So after trying to get assistance for over half an hour the lady at the desk said she would try to locate the store manager but never did, he just appeared up front with another group he was assisting. He said he could do nothing for us since it was Saturday and he needed to talk to people in another office who would not be working until Tuesday but he gave me his card and email to send him the scan of our original receipt and a promise he would look into it and get back to us.

I sent an email with original receipt and asked for confirmation from him that he received it, I never got any. He called a week later to tell me that I had ordered replacement furniture already so he did not understand why I thought I had credit on my account. I informed him as I had the previous employee that the original item was more than the replacement item, a difficult concept apparently because he was going to have to do more looking into it then and get back to me.

I never heard back so here we are a week + later and calls to him go unanswered or more specifically he is always on a "conference call" when I try reaching him and he never bothers to return those calls. I myself have been a retail store manager in the past and I am confident that conference calls do not take up that much of his time. It is disappointing that Ashley cannot do any better than this but thankfully we have other options in Joplin and the surrounding areas now if I could just get the rest of my money's worth of product I have technically already paid for half a year or more ago I will never darken their doorstep again.

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Good for you Jenn76! The sales staff at Ashley's stores are less than sensitive to the needs of the buyers.

Most would be better serving their community as a dog catcher and would not be very good at that. Go to a real furniture retailer and have fewer headachs and certainly less BS from a under educated over paid "Used Car Salesman"


Well Curtis I couldn't care less if you do not agree with my assessment of Ashley it is for potential customers not employees or sales people like yourself. 1.

I am not convinced the sectional could not make it up our stairs seeing as how we already have a sofa and love seat in the media room, but the delivery guys didn't seem very well trained or prepared.

2. Refunding our purchase was not really that big of an issue for me. I can always find something to buy. It was losing my store credit and the POOR customer service mostly on the part of the store manager that I took issue with.

I wasted no ones time since I never ask for a sales persons help until I decided what to buy. So hint if you are indeed a sales person, do not follow me around like a desperate school boy trying to chat me up about your family or pets because it is just sad and slightly annoying. I will find you if I have a question:)

3. No I do not work for free and my time is valuable so I would rather not spend my time trying to get a inept store manager on the phone or to do his job.

He should take enough pride in his work to stay on top of things and to make sure he is communicating with his customers when there are issues. Get it?


First of all you should know the measurements of your house (I dont know who goes to a furniture store without their measurements).Second of all, who in their right mind would give someone their money back after wasting a salesperson time & the gas and labor for delivery?? Do you work for free? I dont think so..

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