Tyler, Texas
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Ashley Furniture in Greenville, NC will lie to get you to buy furniture and will then act like it's your fault that the furniture is late. We bought furniture and they said it would be less than 2 weeks to get it.

We are still waiting after 6 weeks. I called today and was told that it would be another 3 weeks, and that's if they are telling the truth this time! Do not ever go to Ashley Furniture!

They are the worst in customer service, and I haven't even gotten my furniture yet. The manager was also rude and condescending.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Delivery Service.

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Yes, this happened to my wife and I as well. We were told we would have our furniture "probably" pretty quickly.

I have never bought from there but the furniture was nice and very affordable. We have been waiting over 5 weeks and I just called to complain and they said it will be two more weeks!!

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