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I purchased a couch back in April, returned it immediately as quality was extremely poor. It is now mid July and after having spoken to numerable representatives including Managers such as Area General Manager Anita Anzar and local Sales Manager Hector Gutierrez, I have nothing good to report about the customer service I've received or better yet, complete lack thereof. I have been treated rudely, been outright ignored, accused of lying, and worst of all, gone in circles chasing less than $400 for a return a month and a half after I personally returned the poor quality couch I received.

From the beginning, the salesperson that sold me the couch lied to me, claiming he was unaware of the % discount a previous representative informed me of, but would "do me a favor." I was later told by another salesperson that this particular person was known to lie to customers. Since the return, I've been accused of not having returned a cleaning box associated with the purchase and was charged $40. I was told the return wouldn't be processed because of the cleaning box, which had been returned but not entered in the system. This dealing was with Anita Anzar who spoke me rudely. Then 10 days later, seeing no return, I had to go back into the store in order to actually speak to someone. At this point, I was told the couch was not entered as returned.

It is now three months past the date of purchase and my return has not been received. My latest dealing was with representative Tay to address her promise to me that I would receive the return no later than this past Wed. It is now Friday. I was told that it was processed with no offer to help further. At a complete loss of what to do as I have not received any return calls from the customer service line [corporate] either, I have to say that I will never purchase from Ashley Furniture again. This store in Ahwatukee has completely tainted and demolished Ashley's reputation. Futhermore, I will look for every opportunity to recommend that anyone I know does not purchase from Ashley Furniture. Ashley lost any business I would have given having just purchased a new home and any chance at a good referral.

Review about: Ashley Furniture Sales Manager.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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