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I bought a lift top table along with a chair, couch, and ottoman. It arrived today, Saturday Jan 26 2008 (2 months after the "tentative delivery date") I was away and my wife accepted delivery.

I got home and she started talking about different arrangements and positions of the furniture, so we started sliding things around.

When we slid the table over, it came apart! Tiny wood screws ripped out, the cam-bolts either weren't tightened in the first place or simply didn't hold, wood pegs that should have been securely glued popped out.

When we saw it coming apart, I rolled the table forward thinking I could just push the wood dowel pins back in. That's when I noticed the cam-bolts, the sort of connectors used on cheap furniture kits!

And there, printed on the underside of the bottom panel—"Made In China". What the ***?! What about the "factory" in Wisconsin? Do they just assemble pre-made parts?

Well, I immediately called customer service and they said they'd contact their "man in the area" and he'd look at it ASAP. We'll see.

Yes, all this happened TODAY! If I had seen this site first it may have prevented me from buying there.

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