Like my title says I worked 3 years for this backward dishonest company. Myself and 2 other "female" where fired for a prank that was involved with 2 other male employees that still had their job there.

Two of us lost our health insurance and along with our ability to support ourself and family. I went to court and won my case of "sex discrimination" and they still refuse to make it right. This company thinks that it is above you and me and the "law".

So they continue to get away with whatever they want, and treat employees and customers like ***. That's the only thing that they "don't" discriminate against.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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Do not trust M. Kloner or anyone associated with. He is now trying to sell air cleaners that are not made in America......


Worked at Ashley furniture in Augusta Georgia .this is the worst place i ever worked,they treat their employees like ***.I seen woman be treated like ***..do not work for this company run run run.


Ashley is horribly made it is all chip board and no solid wood. Ashley also uses way to much cotton batting and not a lot of foam making them notorious for having flat cushions do yourself a favor people when you go out to buy furniture ask what it is made of if they don't answer you or don't know.....leave.

i have been selling furniture for 2 years now and i always tell my customers the truth you know why?

cause its the right thing to do!! Ashley buyers beware (and yes my company does sell Ashley among other products)after all the college kids have to sit on something


I have went into my ashley home store and changed my layaway furniture order 3 times. I'm indecisive to say the least.

They have been courteous so far, I will see soon because I plan on re-selecting again. 2 weeks before my sectional is due to arrive I realized it will not fit in my living room. Haha. Quality?

Who knows... The showroom peices seem

Sturdy enough.

My friend bought the Chandler mocha sofa, loveseat, chair & ottoman.. She has 9 children under the age of 13 on the furniture 24-7 and they are holding up.


We need a repair on our sleeper sofa. The technician was sent out.

He was 45 min late. I had been at home for 2 hours waiting for him already. He brings the part in a soaking wet cardboard box to install in my home. He the proceeds to play with the cushions on the couch for 30 mins.

He then begins to argue with me about what time he actually got there. He has by this time torn my sofa apart. He gets up set and leaves everything in pieces. Now, the technician service refuses to came to my house....go figure!!!!!!

It was the customers fault???? Tried to call customer service but they were no help. However, we bought $10,000 dollars worth of furniture from a competitor and they installed they repair the sofa free of charge.

So buyer beware!!! Rooms to GO ROCKS!!!!!


just to give you a heads up every ashley store is independently owned. just because you had a bad experience with one doesnt mean all are operated like that.

Stuff happens with shipping issues sometimes these things are out of our hands and its just not furniture that is affected by this.

woundnt you rather us call you and tell you her your furniture is damaged we will re order than bring you damaged furniture to your home? think about it.


I worked at ashley furniture and their furniture is a load of ***! First of all, they told their employees that their furniture is not made to last.....and trust me, they live up to their word!

Secondly, I experienced extreme racism.

They do not hire blacks in their corporate office. They are only fit for their warehouses!


forgot to tell you that I would buy from ashley again. :)


:) I bought my sectional from ashley so far I am very happy with my purchase. The sales people in our johnstown, pa store were very polite and very helpful. I was also very happy with the delivery personal, they were very careful took the time to place the furniture exactly where i wanted it.


Marc Kloner is as dishonest and slimey as they come. When Marc Kloner's lips are moving, rest assured Marc Kloner is lying and trying to *** out of money.

Marc Kloner has zero remorse and will do anything to try to get ahead financially, including stealing from those close to him. Marc Kloner needs to be arrested and rot in prison.

Marc Kloner will orchestrate elaborate "investment opportunities" that are nothing more than SCAMS that will line his pockets.

May Marc Kloner rot in ***.


Good to know. Thanks for the warning.


I worked for a store that sold ashley furniture for 4 yrs in wichita, ks. They only sell 3 types of furniture, which is all made in china!

Cheap,Cheaper, and Cheapest. Very low quality, but what do you except for the price? I have been in the furniture biz for 15 yrs and funiture is like anything else you buy!

You Pay for what you get. Ashley sells their sofas for what a good quality chair should sell for!


We just purchased three tables and lamps and we are VERY satisfied. They were promised to us in 2 weeks and we got them in one week. I have no complaints!


Sound like Class Action Law Suit


I purchased a couch, chair and a dining room table and chairs. The sale person was helpful and showed me what I asked for.

The price I paid was very fair and everything was delivered when they said it would be. I will shop there again.

You can't make everyone happy and I'm sure that some complaints are valid. My experience was good.


just purchased 2 bedroom sets in April with a delivery within 2-4 wks...ok so we wait...NOT...they call on May 19..to inform us of a partial delivery..when my husband asked about the rest of the delivery well this blew our minds...they wanted to deliver part in May and the rest in June....No Thanks...Get a REFUND...So Buyers BeWare!!!!!


Thats what they hope you have a 1 year warrenty and it lasts 1 year and 1 month


the quality of there mercandise sucks


Love my new couch. Was not pressured.

I WILL buy from Ashley again.


Marc Kloner is a Criminal and Thief who will screw anyone in his path, including is own family. Marc Kloner belongs in PRISON.

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