DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS! Once you purchase the furniture, Ashley could care less what happens afterwards.

What started out as a promising and exciting experience ended up being horrible.

Having just moved to a new place, I was in need of living room and bedroom furniture. Juan Carlos, the sales member, helped guide us to purchase a 14 piece living room set, which was marketed at a discounted rate as well as a Tempurpedic bed and frame. We spent a good deal of money on these items. This was in August.

It is currently December and I am still waiting for the delivery of these items. I have had my delivery rescheduled over five times, meaning; I have had to reschedule my work schedule to accommodate this delivery over five times. I work as a nurse on night shift so this is not an easy feat, especially given the severity of events this year. One of these delivery dates was actually confirmed one day prior and when that date came and the time of delivery passed, there was no furniture.

I called customer service and they put me on hold for an hour until I could finally talk to a human. Apparently, the items had not been delivered to the warehouse and as a result, they never made it on the delivery truck. I was livid. I had been waiting for over five hours (after working a 12 hour night shift) and no one from Ashley had notified me of the change.

I had to be the one to call to find out what was going on.

After trying to troubleshoot these issues with customer service over the phone and getting nowhere, I decided to pay a visit to the store in person. I requested to speak to the manager and was told they were in a meeting. So the lady at the desk, who said her name was Adrina, said she could help me. I proceeded to tell her my situation and was immediately received with offputting responses and rude mannerisms.

After I told her I had been waiting for my furniture since August, her direct response was "well I can't make the furniture." Ashley Furniture, is this how you train your team members, let alone your management, to speak to your customers? There was no apology for the inconvenience. To me, it came across as a "not my problem" moment. As a result, I requested to cancel the furniture that had not been received, as well as a refund.

The whole experience has been a nightmare.

I have shared this experience and will continue to share this experience with friends and coworkers who are in the market for new furniture. I would NOT recommend buying furniture and doing business with a place that has no follow up and treats their customers like this!

User's recommendation: Do not patron this business!

Location: Los Angeles, California

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