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I have been a customer at Ashley store for some time. I ordered my 3 seater sofa, love seat, table set and my bed at Ashley. I had a horrible experience when I thought of burying dining furniture. I ordered a dining table along with a mattress from Ashley furniture store.located at


Next to Collin Creek Mall

1201 N.Central Express Way


Myself and my wife went to the Ashley store on March 1 2008 and selected a dining table. They had a special promotion going on that day which had like 1.5% tax off and 2 chairs free. They had an option to get the extra 2 chairs or take the price of two chairs off of any other product we buy in the store. We also chose premier protection and paid $149 for it. So we selected a mattress and we were told that the order will be available in 2 weeks and we will get a call etc., After we came back home, the sales guy at Ashley called me and told that the dining table we ordered was back ordered and it would not be available until 4-6 weeks. We liked the dining set very much so I told him we would wait if the set would definetely be available by 6 weeks and he said yes. We are expecting a a baby end of April (another week from today ) and we wanted to have the dining table ready by that time. We got the mattress in 2 days.

I waited until April 20th and did not hear anything from Ashley. So I went to the store on April 20th evening and met with the office folks there. I spoke with a lady and she checked the PO and told me that they system is showing that it would not be available until end of may. I was shocked and told her that I cannot wait that long and I need a confirmation on when it would be available. Then she spoke with the store manager who come to the place where I was standing and did not even bother to talk with me, ask me what the issue was etc., The office lady told me that they need to talk to factory and see if they can get my order quickly and they would do it on Monday as the factory folks are out on Sunday. I gave them the best number to reach me and came home.

I got a call on Monday evening from the Ashley store and informed me that they did not hear anything from the factory and they would call and update me on Tuesday. I told ok, thanks and was waiting for their call. I did not a call on Tuesday, Wednesday and finally today (Thursday) afternoon I went to the store again to check on the status.

I again went to the office again and gave all my information. There is a new lady at the office now and she checked my PO and told me that my order is delayed until mid-June. I was shocked once again and told her that I came 4 days back and they were supposed to get back with my status update. Then they called the sales guy who initially sold me the furniture (his name is John). John came and he remembered me and then they called the manager. Manager came and again he did not even bother to either talk to me, greet me. He spoke with the sales guy and took the PO details and went and started looking for some information on his computer. John (Ashley sales guy) told me that he is trying to call the factory folks to see if the product is discontinued or if they can speed up the order. Meanwhile my wife who is 38 weeks pregnant was also waiting with me without having lunch. I went around to see if I can select something else if my dining table is discontinued. We were waiting in the store and did not hear anything back. I went back to office to check on the status and the manager is missing from his place. I called John and went searching for the manager and could not find him any where. I waited for some more time and told him that we need to go to lunch. John promised that he would call me with the status.

We had lunch, I went to office and after waiting until 6PM I went back to Ashley store again and met John. He told me that he has not heard anything from the store manager. Store manager was called in and John asked him about the status. Even now the manager did not bother to talk to me or greet me even though I was right next to him. When John asked about the status, store manager told him that he did not hear anything and so he cannot do anything until they get back. This is the conversation that went on..

Me: What should I do now?

Ashley Manager: I don't know, we need to wait for factory folks and I cannot guarantee when they will get back. So we need to wait

Me: I have contacted the store 4 days back, why was the factory not contacted in the last couple of days

Ashley: I don't know I cannot do anything

Me: So what should I do now? I have been waiting for the last 1 and half month for my dining set..

Ashley: Cancel it !

Me: what?

Ashley: Yes cancel it or wait for it

Me: OK cancel it.. I cannot believe that you are saying that to me

Ashley: We are responsible for factory delays

Me: How can you say that? You are the store manager and you need to make sure the customers buying form the store.

Ashley: No I am not responsible

and the manager just left :-( Leaving me with no choice but canceling the order.

Now here after waiting for 6 weeks,. with my baby due in a week no dining table and I am more hurt by the arrogant attitude of the manager. Added to this, I was charged $85 for the mattress delivery, the 2 chairs price (which was around $260)which was supposed to be taken off from my mattress price is not taken off as the dining set is canceled and I am left hurt and deeply frustrated.

I reported this issue to the customer support on April 29th and got a reply saying they are concerned about my situation and will contact the local store and its been 8 weeks since then and I have not heard anything since then.. I'll never again buy or recommend any one buying from Ashley!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Table.

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