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We just remolded our home and bought all new furniture from Ashley, Well guess what the product is lack luster at best and the customer service is the worst. Ashley calls after every delivery to ask how the technician was, well guess what Ashley the technicians are not the problem, The problem is the delayed deliveries, The problem is the huge chunk taken out of my wall on delivery then the company says they wil be out next month to fix it, The problem is when my new $800.00 table shows up it is broken, Yes two of the four legs broken then you have to wait for a technician to come out and tell you we can replace the legs so deal with it. The problem is they still haven't sent the new legs which I have to replace when they arrive and Ashley doesn't care. They do not want to hear it. I had to hang up on the little pain in the *** that I was speaking with because her only response was "sir i understand your upset but that is our policy" I asked her if there was someone that I could speak with that could do something about it, Her response " sir we are doing all that we can we can send out new legs and thats all".

Long story short guys do not buy anything from Ashley, I have learned my lesson I will never walk in the store again, Please understand I'm not just upset about a table this isn't a one time deal. We furnished an entire home $15,000-$17,000 and had nothing but problems with delivery dates and things showing up broken or scratched or dented or not at all. Shame on us for putting up with it and giving them the benefit of the dought, Now that they have our money it's a "deal with it" attitude.

Well guess what RC Willey just hang in there because Ashley will be your newest and best asset there customer service will send people to your store by the dozens, I know I will do all of my business through RC Willey from now on, I never had service issues with RC Willey and I guess I should have stayed there. Ashley gets you i the show room with the furniture that is there it looks good and seems fairly priced, But when it gets to your home it is thrashed and does not stand up to even normal wear.

Keep up the good work RC Willey I'm back with open arms.

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