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we bought a new sofa in january of 2010. didn't get it until the end of february 2010. in may 2010 the right side reclining mechinism broke. we couldn't get it to go down. we literally had to shimmy off of it, stand in front, push it straight in and then push it down to get it to close.

i called the # the sales lady gave me for the warrenty. they asked me who was sitting on it when it broke. i told them my husband. then they asked me how much he weighs. i told them 320lbs. they said that because he was over weight, that it wasn't covered by the warrenty.

then in september the seat on the left side broke. i was literally sitting on a lean because the board broke. i called them back. they asked me who was sitting on it. i said me. then they ask me how much i weigh. i say 267lbs. then she asks me how OFTEN i sit on the couch. i told her that i'm disabled and sit on it most of the day because of my back. then she told me that i exceeded the NORMAL use warrenty of the sofa and it wasn't covered.

then just two weeks before the anniversary of the safa purchase, the middle cushion came apart from the frame. i didn't notice it until 2 days later when my 2 year old got her foot trapped between the steel frame while she was sleeping. it took us 20 minutes to free her foot. so i called them a third time. they inform mr that because i didn't report it when it happened that it wasn't covered.

i tried to explain to them that i haven't even had this couch for a year and it was broken in 3 places. they then inform me that because the place i got it from is going out of businees that they can't help me. i tell the lady that all warrenties are still in effect even if the store goes out of business because the warrenty is with ashley. she laughed at me and said " good luck with that!"

ashley is the worst furniture ever. and they don't care that we the customers pay so much for furniture that we are convinced into getting because the sales people tell us we have such a great warrenty. it's all bogus!!!! i would give this couch to a homeless person, that's how bad it is. and i've only had it for one year and 10 days!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $853.

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well the sales lady in the store assured us that because it had a STEEL frame that it could withstand 850lbs. and that ashley would guarantee it for 10 years.

your sales staff shouldn't worry about being rude. they should worry about quality furniture for they're customers.

we went and bought a whole new set of quality furniture and the salesmen wouldn't even let us look at the ashley stuff because HE said it was garbage and wasn't worth the money. the ashley salespeople should be ashamed to sell such *** furniture.


:grin I sorry but im not surprised, you and your husband weigh a total of 600 pounds what sofa after daily use would last that long? the sofa warranty tags have a total weight limit of 450 pounds, were not supposed to say anything to you in the store because im sorry its rude to say. so i dont know what else you were expecting to happen im sory.

@An Ashley sales ***ociate

A sofa with sitting for three people has a weight limit of 450lbs. That is cheaply made.


I wish I had read your comments before I became a victim of Ashely Furniture. I can't believe I paid so much money for their horrible furniture.

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