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Update by user Jul 13, 2015

Well here we are on 7/11/15 and still not getting anywhere. After my first review Customer Service made it seem as though they really wanted to help my situation.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

I was told that I would have a call to schedule my furniture being picked up on the following Tuesday (6/9). No call for over a week. I sent email asking why I was not called (because every time I call I get no return call) and then suddenly there was a call placed to my cell phone (while I was at work, but away from my desk).

Then a call placed to my home phone (I called for messages from work). Sent another email - if you want to reach me call me at work - you have the number it's on the email! More ways of avoiding the actual conversation. Again, another call to my cell, but this time I was at my desk and managed to answer in time.

So now we have pickup scheduled for Saturday. I was told that it should only be 2-3 days for repairs. One week later I receive an email asking me to reiterate all of the issues with the furniture. I return the email and explain once more that the chair was never stuffed properly and you can feel the wood frame and that the couch frame was never built properly and the entire right side was sinking towards the floor.

When could I expect to have the furniture returned? No. response.

Today (7/11) the delivery guys (they're great) bring in the chair. We check it out and it seems that it was re-stuffed and you can no longer feel the wood frame.

Then they bring in the couch. First we look at the frame underneath - still the same - the missing wooden slat is still missing on one side. When they put it upright the cushions no longer match up. There is an inch to 2 inches difference.

It looks like they tried re-stuffing and failed. If there is a QC person there they must be blind in one eye and can't see out of the other. The delivery men called into customer service because they could not send pics of the issues from their phone. Customer service called me back and told me to refuse the couch delivery and they would fix the couch AGAIN.

If I kept the couch (since I was having guests the next day), then this would start all over again and they would have to send a tech out.

What kind of CUSTOMER SERVICE is this? We asked that a new couch be shipped...No. We asked for our money back and they could take it

They have a NO RETURN policy. If you can't build it right from the get go, then why can't it be returned? Even cars have lemon laws.

So now I have a chair as the only furniture in my living room and I say again...

DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING from Ashley Furniture or Trivetts Furniture (owned by the same people). Customer Service is anything but.

They do NOT build quality items nor do they stand behind them. If I could afford it, I would go out and buy something elsewhere - but of course that will not help me with the money that's been WASTED with Ashley Furniture.

Original review posted by user Jul 13, 2015

Purchased living room furniture in August '14 which was delivered mid Sept. The delivery was fine and free from hassle.

By December we knew that something was definitely wrong with both our couch and chair (both reclining pieces). Due to snow issues where we live we could not get to the store until January. We explained to the manager what was wrong with our furniture and we were told that we had to contact customer service. After calling customer service a number of times we received a call back and we were told a tech would be out in two weeks. Two weeks later we had another snow storm and had to postpone - new appointment with tech in another two weeks.(During this time we received all sorts of packages from customer service to "fix" our furniture.) This new appointment was cancelled by customer service due to a personal emergency. Finally a week or two later the tech came to our home.

After looking at both our couch and chair the tech tells us that he cannot fix them at our home and both would need to go back to the factory. The chair was never stuffed properly would have to be taken apart. The couch frame was never built correctly and would need to be redone. After the tech left we placed a call to customer service - my contact had the day off. Called the next week and left a message. Called the week after and left a message, and so on and so on. Meanwhile it's now the end of May. Still have not had anything done and don't know why brand new furniture is being "fixed" instead of replaced. After searching Google for any information on this store or it's affiliates, we find that the owner has more than just this franchise. After many more calls we manage to get in touch with a manager from another store that says he'll make sure we get called back from customer service.

Amazingly enough on Tuesday morning customer service calls and tells me that they need to schedule pickup of our furniture to be fixed. I explain that I don't want brand new furniture fixed, it should be replaced. I am then told that the manager of customer service would make that decision and I would receive a call back later that day. I did receive a call from the CS manager who promptly informed me that I'd had the furniture far too long to be replaced. After spending the past 6 months not having my calls returned it's my fault the furniture has been in my house too long? It was still brand new when I started with the issue. I was told that after having it repaired if I was still not satisfied that possibly then it could be replaced. I will NEVER be satisfied - new means perfect. Not repairable. The furniture should have come from the factory in perfect condition. But no, they tell me that they can pick it up and it will be just a couple of days. So now they expect me to take time off from work to be there for them to pick it up and bring it back - are they paying for me to *** from work? No, of course they are not.

If this is their idea of customer satisfaction then I would prefer to NEVER shop there again. I would recommend that no one ever shop there because it seems to be hit or miss if your furniture is built correctly. And then of course customer service will play "lets not return your calls" in a timely manner so that they don't have to be honorable. What a horrible way to do business - to take peoples hard earned money and just not care. And then, why bother to call it customer service? You're certainly not servicing anything but your own pockets.

If you want GOOD furniture go ELSEWHERE!! You might spend a bit more, but it will be worth it in the long run!!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ashley Furniture Pros: Delivery people.

Ashley Furniture Cons: No refund, No one fixed the problem, Repair wait time, Being lied to.

  • Horrible Furniture Quality
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