I had bought a new bed and had to wait two weeks for delivery since not all the parts were in. I was told that he earliest date for delivery was September 15th.

I said that would be ok but that I needed the bed by that date since I was expecting out of town guests for a family function. I was happy when delivery was made at time frame indicated. But when the deliverymen opened the boxes, they saw that the headboard was the wrong size. They also noticed that one of the rails had a noticeable scratch.

They called customer care and couldn't get the line so they told me to call in the morning.I called and was told they could not bring the correct headboard until Septmeber 17th. Told Maria that this was not acceptable and she said she would see what she could do about delivery September 16th. Gave me a delivery window of 2pm-10pm. Men showed up at 7:30p and at this point noticed that the box was missing hardware.

They called to customer care and they spoke to my husband and he was told they would look for hardware and would call us back next day Friday the 17th. Never called. When I asked for a manager, I was told not available but they would call me back. Never did.

We had to find other accomodations for our guests. Spoke to Maria again and she said they were trying to get the hardware from another bed but they needed to get approval from the manager. She would call me back, did not.I called again at 7:30pm on the 17th and Maria said they had gotten approval for hardware delivery and it would be betwwen 2p-10p. Another day waiting for Ashleys.

Maria said she would call me at 3p to give me a more accurate time but she never did. Men finally came in at 9:15p Saturday night. I don't know how much time we spent on hold for customer care over these 4 days trying to resolve this issue. This is not customer care, it is customer abuse.

I will never buy anything from Ashleys again. I will make any future furniture purchases at Lacks like I have always done in the past.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Headboard.

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