Fort Worth, Texas

I purchased a large bedroom wall mirror from Ashley Furniture on 1/29/11. At the time I was offered by Ashley an optional 5-year Protection Plan from Premier Protection Plan.

The Protection Plan was described as "covering any damage from any source for 5-years".

While attaching the mirror supports that were supplied for hanging the mirror on the wall we notice two cracks in the glass. We contacted Ashley Furniture about this problem and were told to contact Premier which we did. Premier told us that damage while "assembling" was not covered.

We tried to contact the Ashley store manager several times without success.He never returned our calls.I feel that Ashley Furniture misrepresented the Protection Plan coverage and have also been completely unsupportive in my attempt to rectify this situation. I am only asking that they either replace the mirror or that my money be refunded or credited to my MasterCard account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Manager.

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The furniture protection plan is a total scam. You are required to report the damage within 7 days of the damage.

If you submit the claim and state the damage occurred before 7 days they will decline. Do not buy anything from Ashley Furniture as its junk, and the warranty is useless. I reported it the "day" I noticed it.

Total ***. AVOID


Bought a sectional from Ashley, and got the protection plan, after a year I wanted the couches cleaned, because they had a few stains, well after calling the store and the cleaning company back and forth nobody could help me. Finally got an appointment for them to clean the couches and nobody showed up. Will never buy from them ever again.


Yup, horror stroy after horror story. Bought a leather couch.

Ripped in 2 weeks. they were going to sew it... like dude. you can see it.

Customer service is a joke...

we gave up.... we call them ASHIT-LEY


We bought a living room set from Ashley's. they sent us the chair that was orderd by our sales person, but not the chair we saw on the showroom floor.

When I asked if we could switch the chair and they wanted to chage us 20% of the entire purchase! That would have exceeded the price of the chair. The free promotional tv had a blue line in it within 6 weeks. After several phone calls it was eventually repaired.

Our furniture has some wear on it so I looked into the protection plan that we paid 300 dollars for. Needless to say this is discouraging.


I agree, Ashley furnature protection plan is worthless, I had veneer coming up from my 1 month old cocktail table and they stated it was my fault. Its a shame a company can not rectify a problem on a piece of furnature that probably cost them $50.00.

Needless to say this was my first and last purchase from Ashley, and my advise it to look over the furnature being delivered even if it takes an hour! I was only asking to have the furnature replaced or deducted from my purchas.

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